New Life to Heirloom Using Chalk Paint

This desk used to be my Grandparents.  I am grateful it has been passed down to me.  The workmanship of this piece of furniture is a work of art in itself.  I had already began to sand the desk before taking this photo.  The desk was in perfect condition except for some minor blemishes from being moved around a few times.  It needed a bit of love, a new life.  I am hoping my Grandparents will be as pleased with the outcome of this project.  I am very content with the result you will see at the end of this post.I found out about Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint by flipping through a random magazine at Lowes.  I was very impressed with the desk they featured using the chalk paint.  Unfortunately, they don’t sell Annie Sloan’s Chalk paint at Lowes. 🙁  {By the way, they will refer you to the black chalk board paint. That’s not what you want.}  Thus began my quest to find this magical paint.  Google led me straight to the very sweet, southern gal of Perfectly Imperfect.  She has a very thorough question and answer tutorial including videos here.  This helped me a ton! {Thank YOU, Perfectly Imperfect!}  I bought my Annie Sloan Olive Chalk Paint through Canabananas.  However, I didn’t realize I needed the wax until after I watched Perfectly Imperfect’s video. {which was AFTER I bought the paint}  I ended up purchasing the clear wax and dark wax from Classic Wall Finishes because I wanted one of the wax brushes Perfectly Imperfect used and recommended.  Canabanana’s did not have the brush.  Below is what the desk looked like after one coat of paint. {except for the legs}  Let me point out something: once I found out there was no need to sand or prime your furniture before using this paint, I did NOT sand the whole desk. {Yippee! Huge selling point for me :)}  As a matter of fact, I wanted some of the original stain color to come through after distressing it some.

{This was how it looked before waxing and pre-distressing with sand block.}

Below are the drawers before I waxed and distressed.  I used blue painter’s tape to cover the hardware.And now the big revealTA DA! I painted and waxed a desk!  My first time ever and Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint made it EASY.  Seriously, If I can do it, you can do it.  I promise.This desk is now placed in it’s new home, my Son’s room.  I hope it’s facelift will survive a few more generations. 😉

Please let me know if you have any questions and I will do my best to help you. {or refer you to the experts who DO know.}

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