Playroom Closet Organizing

BEFORE, see the cards on the floor...

So here is the BEFORE craziness of our playroom closet.

Doors opened...


I meant to take a photo of all the games & toys I PURGED, but forgot.  Ooops!  Here’s the thing…my 8 year old found the stuff in the back of the van {since I didn’t have time to drop them off at Goodwill} and pulled a bunch of stuff out.  Yes, I haven’t trained my kids to be purgers.  I have TRIED, really I have.  Instead, I have to purge for them and send it off when they aren’t around.  They never miss the stuff.  But I know if I don’t teach them, they won’t do it when they get older.  I like to consider myself a reforming pack rat.  It’s difficult for me, but I am grateful I’m not like the sweet children of God on the show Hoarders {bless those people!}

AFTER, much better!

Now picture me giving you a huge SIGH of relief seeing this photo after the ones above.

After doing LOTS of purging, throwing away & sorting,  {BIG pat on the back because this is not an easy task for me.} I splurged and rewarded myself with the following items:

  1. A Label Maker – Dymo
  2. Adhesive Metal Bookplates by Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery {Staples} (1 1/16″ x 2 1/8″)
  3. Chalkboard Labels by Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery {Staples} (2 1/2″ x 3 3/4″)

Otherwise, all containers you see here I already owned.  I absolutely LOVE the new Martha Stewart line at Staples.  Previously, it was difficult to find these 2 items without having to special order them from a specialty company.  Now I can hop down to Staples and find them! {Yippee!}  Both bookplates and chalkboard labels have adhesive on the back and are super easy to use.  I need to add close up photos for the bookplates.  Until then, in case you were wondering what labels/categories I used in the bookplates:

  • Books
  • Wii Stuff
  • Board Games
  • Board Games
  • Cards
  • Little People
  • Puzzles

As you can see, I used the chalkboard labels on the bins.  The bins went with a wood organizer I bought ions ago at Target.  I don’t need the wood base anymore, so I use the bins only now. {Just in case you were wondering where I purchased the bins.}

I want to thank my husband for helping me sort through all the game pieces, puzzle pieces and cards.  Then after the sorting we put them back in the boxes where they belong.  It took us a couple of hours to do this.  {Mainly because I haven’t done it in years.}

The best part about this project, besides seeing the clean & orderly closet {pretty much THE ONLY orderly closet in my house right now} is seeing my daughter PLAYING WITH HER TOYS!  She’s been playing with the Mr. Potato Heads all day and took a photo for Instagram! LOL…I LOVE THAT! 😉

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this post by Staples, Dymo or Avery.

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