Time For A Change

I added a few new things to the site today.

new menu familybringsjoy.com

New Menu!

I added a new page titled House Tour.  If you click on any of the above pages under my header it will take you to a separate page.  If you click on the House Tour, you will be able to see photos of many rooms in our home…8 to be exact.

house tour

Here’s a snap shot of how it begins on the House Tour page

I added some Christmas posts to the sidebar including a new profile picture.

Christmas Photo Shoot familybringsjoy.com

This was taken by my oldest daughter during our Christmas card photo shoot we took during Thanksgiving break.

We’ve been snowed in for the past 3 days.  It’s been great for the kids as they have lounged around while I still work away.  A mom doesn’t really get much of a holiday or snow day from her job.  We finally put up our tree 2 days ago and decorated it yesterday.

Hope this finds you and your family safe during what can be considered hazardous conditions due to the weather.

Cabin fever is starting to settle in.  Hey, but I am grateful for electricity.  Think I’ll give my hands and wrist a rest for a while.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Change brings joy,