Home Goals 2012

Courtesy of Nesting Place

One of the things I love about blogging is how it keeps me motivated and accountable.

The Nester has motivated me to make some goals for our home this year.  Like the saying goes, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

We have lived in our home for about two and a half years.

Remember the post about my kitchen last year?  Here’s my inspiration kitchen again:

Kitchen Inspiration Photo

My Kitchen Inspiration Photo {scanned}

Do you see how the glaze only goes into the crevices of the bead board and trim of the cabinet doors?  I love that look!  Our painter wanted to charge and arm and a leg to do it. {He already over charged us, in my estimation for painting our house}  So I decided I could do it myself.  I found a very good YouTube video {which I will have to locate and share with you in a future post} and with the help of a friend, we did the cabinet doors.  It’s not too difficult, just time consuming.  I began on the bead board, but never did finish. 🙁  Thus, one of my goals is to finish glazing my kitchen.

  1. You can see above, I didn’t even complete this section.  Way to go Shan!  So first thing I will finish glazing this section.
  2. Glaze this bead board.
  3. Glaze the top cabinet bead board and the bottom section bead board.

4. Next up, is to truly ORGANIZE my pantry.  I have attempted to do this, but I usually give up about half way through.  I am ashamed of the current state so much that I could not take a photo to show you.  Instead you can see the door.  I would absolutely LOVE for it to look like this:

Courtesy of The House of Smiths

Remember, I am more of a surface clean person.  This means, open any drawer, cabinet and closet and it is a nightmare!  Which leads to my next goal…

5. Work on internally organizing my house…dread!  This means I will be going through every cabinet, every drawer, every closet and creating order.  Thank goodness for the calendar I have to help with this endeavor.

6. Paint the china cabinet.  I was blessed to have this beautiful china cabinet handed down from my parents.  I absolutely LOVE it, but want to give it a makeover with my handy dandy chalk paint.  I’m thinking of using my Annie Sloan’s Old White color.

7. Repaint my dining room.  I’m not really liking this sage green color I chose for the dining room.

8. Decorating overhaul of the dining room.  I spent a lot of time on an awesome wall gallery which was on both sides of the china cabinet.  Well, on the other side of this wall is the garage.  Every time we would turn on our cars, it made the wall vibrate…so much so that many of the frames fell and the glass broke. 🙁  I have to figure out another way to decorate that wall.  It may be time to change the rug as well.  We’ll see.  The dining room has been the only room in my house I have not been very happy with.  It’s time to change that.  It’s one of the first rooms you see when you come into the house.

I really can’t say enough good things about Nesting Place.  The Nester never ceases to inspire and help me in my home. I am forever appreciative of how she has changed my perspective about my home. It has been so positive and yes, sort of life changing.  Here are some suggestions she shares about goal setting for your home:

Click on photo to see this Nesting Place post

Excellent questions from The Nester

Happy to link up to:

Nester & I at Blissdom 2011

I was so excited to meet The Nester last year at Blissdom blog conference.  She is as genuine and lovely as she is on her blog.  I am forever grateful because otherwise I might have been a little starstruck.  Right after we moved into our home I e-mailed her about my octagonal shaped living room.  I was struggling with how to arrange the furniture, etc.  I know she receives many e-mails a day and she states that she can’t answer them all.  I added a few photos to my e-mail in hopes to hear back from her.  She wrote me back and helped me tremendously.  So when I met her at Blissdom I asked her if she remembered my octagonal living room.  She did and was very gracious.  A little kindness to a stranger goes a long way. 😀

Make your home goals today,

A Purposeful Woman

The following is a quote from an interview with one of my favorite bloggers. I am inspired by her words and can say she has made a believer out of me.

“I also find a great sense of satisfaction knowing that women are being encouraged and finding contentment in their home. I believe that every woman can love the home she is in right now. I want women to love coming home, and love having people over. Our homes are there to serve us, they are the backdrop to our lives. You can easily surround yourself with meaningful beauty in your home with just a little trial and error and creativity. Oh and with Nesting Place and the Nester there to guide you.” The Nester from Nesting Place.

My reply to this quote…Thank you so much for helping me see a more realistic and healthy view of what my home should be like. I have been greatly encouraged by her advice & photos.

FYI: I am not a network blogger. I blog for my own enjoyment & for my family & friends. Therefore, I am not being compensated for promoting her website. I am merely grateful for her contribution for women like me who have benefited greatly from her help.

From my backdrop to yours,

Thanks Nesting Place!

My wall 

The Nester’s Wall, My Inspiration Photo 

I’m finally posting one of the projects I’ve been working on. Thanks to Nesting Place I have been inspired to do some more beautifying of my home. I LOVE her blog! She has made me look at things in a very different way. Plus she is frugal like me! I now “shop at home” and plan to do some window “mistreatments.” If you want to know what those terms mean you will just have to go to her very cute blog and check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

All of the frames used in my photo above were not being used & now they are! All I needed to buy was a can of spray paint! Gotta love that!

Paint on,