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For today’s Wordless (actually limited) Wednesday I wanted to share a pic of an upcoming craft class.  We will be putting to good use our old catalogs and magazines.  Besides, gotta love how fun and therapeutic decoupage can be.  So all you local readers, be sure and head to Dottie’s to reserve your spot…any state can be made.  Please email me if you have any more questions about the class.  And as usual, I will have a tutorial on here after the class.

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Memory Project: Places We’ve Lived Boards

I’m so excited to share with you a project I’ve been working on for the last couple of weeks!

How many places have you lived?  Us…in our married life we have lived in 5 places.  It’s our family history.  Why not memorialize those places, pay tribute, so to speak? You can purchase these from L.L.Bean for $34.95 each.  Yikes!  I didn’t want to spend that much!

I was up for the challenge to make my own, but as usual tweaked it a bit.  I immediately thought of the perfect place for them to go.  My entry way needed something special and I’m thrilled with the results.

Want to know how I did it?  I was able to use all supplies I currently had on hand, so there weren’t any out of pocket expenses…score!

First, remember the barn door shutters I made?

I had left over board pieces from making the Barn Door Shutters.  I pulled those out to begin.  They were already painted with my Annie Sloan’s Old White Chalk Paint.  This helped me skip the painting step.  Next, I decided to add a little black border similar to the L.L.Bean signs.

I used a little pouncer sponge brush to lightly brush the edges with black acrylic paint.

I used QuicKutz’s Revolution to cut out the letters of the city names {12×12 Black Card stock}.  The font is Blossom.

I used the Cricut to cut out the state names and numbers.  The Cricut cartridge is Plantin SchoolBook. {1 & 1/4″}

I absolutely LOVE re-positionable dot glue.  I use it for almost all of my craft projects.  I took the letters and added a small amount of glue.  I would then get a ruler and position them straight.  It takes a lot of moving around to get it just right, but since the glue is re-positionable it doesn’t hurt anything.

Once I had the letters the way I wanted them, I added the Mod Podge.  Since the re-positionable glue is mainly for placement, the best way to add the Mod Podge is to take your foam brush {get a pack of these for a $1 at your dollar store} and dab it gently on top of the letter.  This will ensure some of the Mod Podge seeps underneath the letter a tad.  Once you have dabbed all over the letter with Mod Podge then you can wipe the Mod Podge gently across the letters without the letters wiggling and getting out of place.  I’m sure if you are a pro at using the Cricut with vinyl, there is probably a much easier way to do this, maybe without using Mod Podge.  I haven’t expanded my knowledge on cutting vinyl yet.  Therefore, this is the method I chose to use.

Using Maps for home decor is really popular now and I really like it.  I decided to incorporate the map of the city we lived in on the boards.  This is how you can take advantage of old maps, now that most of us have GPS.  I found it’s a good idea to paint on the Mod Podge before adding the map.  I would then take a tool and spread it over the map to get out any bubbles under the map.

I just tore out the page and cut the map in a rectangle around the city.  Instead of using Latitude and Longitude I wanted to have the dates from when we lived in the particular cities.  Some of the dates were not exactly centered because I didn’t want to cover up the name of the city on the map with the number.  Doesn’t bother me to have it that way.  Let the Mod Podge dry on the map before adding the numbers.  Dab on the Mod Podge over the numbers just like on the letters.  Make sure to spread the Mod Podge over the whole sign in the end.

I used Picture & Frame Hanging Command strips to attach the boards to the wall.  I LOVE those Command strips.  SO much easier than nails…take your level and put it on top of the board and makes for level hanging every time.  The last board which represents where we live now was not completed when the photos were taken.  I’m adding it to the bottom today.  From Pinterest pin to reality.  {Doesn’t accomplishment feel GOOD!?}

Here they are in my entry way.  Seems like they were meant to be in this space.  It was worth the time and effort.  🙂  What do you think?

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Canvas Wall Hanging Makeover

Not too long ago, while shopping, I happened upon a huge canvas I thought would be perfect for my daughter’s room.  {We just rearranged her room and she needed something over her bed.} It was contemporary with a camera painted inside. {She wants to be a photographer.} As usual, it was more money than I was willing to pay. {I’m a tight wad!}  I ran across two canvases in the attic last week.  We used them as decoration for my daughter’s surf themed room several years ago.  I had a difficult time finding surf paraphernalia at the time; so I decided to make these very simple canvases using paint and 12×12 scrapbook paper {mod podge.}  Well, thanks to all my blogging friends, I have learned to re-purpose, shop at home or make over things I already own.  I decided I could re-use the canvases and make my own version of the canvas I saw at the store.  In addition, I determined I would surprise my daughter with the canvas as a gift for her birthday.  This was a great motivator to get the project done. 😉

The first thing I did was tear off the 12×12 scrapbook paper.I tore off as much paper as I could.  Instead of getting frustrated, I finally decided I liked the dimension the stuck on paper would give to the painting.

Next, I sprayed on some white primer.

While the primer was drying I decided to work on the camera part of the painting/wall hanging.  Using some clip art on my computer, I printed out a camera.  I knew I wanted to split the camera between the two canvases.  So I used the banner print option.I also knew I wanted to use some very cute quilt square fabric we bought while we were in Iowa this summer to make the camera.  This meant I needed to make patterns for the pieces of the camera.  I pulled out my tracing paper and began tracing the camera.Next, I cut out the traced camera pieces to make my patterns.At first I used pins to hold my patterns onto the fabric.  I had difficulty with the pattern shifting around while I was cutting the fabric.  I switched to using my re-positionable scrapbook glue dots to hold the pattern onto the fabric.  It worked famously!

After the primer dried I took my print out of the camera and tried it out on the canvas to see if I liked the size, etc.I took the ‘master copy’ {the one you saw earlier on the primed canvas} of the camera and began placing the pieces onto it.

This is the right side of the camera.I decided to “antique” the edges to of the fabric to give it some depth.

I did this by using a makeup sponge with brown stamp ink and dobbing the edges to all the pieces of fabric I cut out.This is the end result before gluing the pieces onto the canvas.For my next step I used my new favorite paint…Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint in Old White.  I painted on two coats.  The end result made the canvases look brand new again!

At this point you can’t even see the paper that I couldn’t pull off in the beginnning.

I chose 3 colors to paint the background with.  These colors are both in the camera fabric and in her room’s drapes.  Again, I pulled out the makeup sponges, dabbed on some paint and dragged them across the white painted canvas.  It was at this time when the earlier stuck on paper layer created a dimension under the paint.  I had so much fun painting that I didn’t stop and take photos of the process.  {Sorry}  I really like how it looks!After the paint dried, I Mod Podged the fabric pieces onto the canvas.  I brushed two layers of Mod Podge just over the camera fabric pieces.  To finish it off, I hot glued a scrapbook/decorative brad {tore off the flaps} to where the camera button is. {You can barely see it, but it’s on the right panel at the top in the photo below}  This whole process took me about a week to complete.  This means I took snippets of time throughout each day to work on it.  It did not take me 5 days, 12 hours each day. LOL Thank goodness!

Here it is complete!Here they are installed over my daughter’s headboard.I can’t believe I did it!  Project complete…what do you think?

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Teacher Appreciation & Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

1. Pencil Holder {or anything else holder} – easy peasy project for a little one to make!  My 7 year old made this one.

  • We used an old Slim Jim beef jerky container
  • Mod Podge & sponge brush
  • Scraps of paper. This one has wrapping paper, scrapbook paper and construction paper

2. Small Trinket Box – Another easy project for kiddos.

  • Wooden box from a $1 store
  • Mod Podge & sponge brush
  • I used book paper as the background and old vellum scrapbook stickers layered on top.

3. Gold Fish Crackers or Cookies and Tag –  Found this adorable idea and printable goldfish tags thanks to Nothing But Country.  This couple had no idea how addicted I am to Xtra Cheddar Flavor Blasted Gold Fish.  So this is a huge deal for me to give these bags of crackers to my kid’s teachers! 😉

4. Personalized Mug – Another $1 store find!  I made these last year.  I had one left over {although I just saw them at the Dollar Tree yesterday} & decided to share this idea as well. Just print out what you want it to say on your favorite software or have your children draw/color something, trace the paper that comes with the mug around your design, cut and slide in!

5. Framed Crayon Monogram – I LOVE this idea but can’t seem to bring myself to cutting perfectly brand new crayons.  If you have extra & you don’t have a problem with cutting the crayons…this is super cute!  Another cute gift that can be done by a child with a little adult supervision.  Thank you Dawn from Testosterone Times Three.

6. Clipboard & Pen – Made these last year with the kids for their teachers.  Fun & easy to make. See more about them here.

  • Mod Podge & sponge brush
  • Small Clip Board
  • Small Sharpie pen
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Optional – embellishments, like flowers, buttons, sayings & glue to attach them

7. Hallmark Grandma & Me Conversations Book – We celebrated Mother’s Day with my Mom on Sunday.  The kids gave her this book.  She took each grandchild aside and they had fun recording the answers.  This book is worth every penny!

8. Audible Subscription – This is a near-perfect gift for any Teacher or Mom!  You can read all the MANY reasons I think this & get her first audio book free by clicking here.

9. Sterling Silver Necklace – The one I have wanted for a long time now is the “Through My Lens” necklace designed by the very talented Lisa Leonard.  I promise that ANY purchase made from Lisa Leonard Designs will be a huge HIT!

10. Apples for Teachers – Last year I used this idea from the awesome Skip To My Lou.  Very simple with print out to use, all you need is apples.
Top Ten {Tuesday}Celebrate Teachers & Moms,