Favorite quote from Midnight Sun

“Her existence alone was excuse enough to justify the creation of the entire world.”
Midnight Sun
Stephenie Meyer
page 238

Oh My…I am in total shock!

So I just got on Stephenie Meyer’s website and someone leaked out a partial copy of Midnight Sun. I am assuming it must have been more than the first chapter I just read yesterday on her own website. She is crushed and is suspending the writing of the rest of Midnight Sun indefinitely. I can’t believe it! This is an atrocity! How can someone who Stephenie trusted betray her this way?! I am so sad for her…but also for her fans who, like me, had no idea of such a thing happening. Now we are being punished for someone else’s wrong doings! This is inconceivable. I just am in shock! What will people do next?! I am so glad for Stephenie’s success but some of her fans are getting out of control! There are rules & guidelines that we must obey. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!! It is just so sad! I don’t know what else to say.

Peace, Shan

Midnight Sun!

Midnight Sun is the name of Stephenie Meyer’s next book in the Twilight Saga. For those of you who are totally insane (no offense 🙂 )and have not read any of these spectacular books, Midnight Sun will be Twilight through the eyes of Edward. Twilight is written through the eyes of Bella. Edward and Bella are the two main characters. Midnight Sun is not a continuation of Breaking Dawn. It is just retelling the first book, Twilight, from Edward’s perspective.

I just found the first chapter online at Stephenie Meyers website (under my favorite websites to the left). I was able to download it and read it today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is just as great as the others! I probably should not have read it because now I can’t wait to read the rest and it probably won’t be released until next year sometime. Oh well…ugh…something to look forward to right? I am not sounding too convincing to myself. Sigh!!!

Choose to be happy, Shan

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