Letter to Santa for Moms (Stocking Stuffers for Moms)

Santa is an expert when it comes to choosing stocking stuffers for kids.  However, sometimes I think he might need a little help knowing what to surprise us moms.  So today I decided to post a letter here to Santa.


Dear Santa,

First of all, I want to thank you for all the goodies you have left me over the years.  I very much appreciate your generosity and kindness.  You have showered me with things I have asked for and sometimes with things I need.  You are so awesome! 😉

As a mom I haven’t asked for much.  As a matter of fact, I haven’t written you in years.  Instead, I have helped my children write their letters to you.  Our family has believed in you and you have blessed us beyond measure.  I really can’t imagine what Christmas would be like without you, Santa.

Because you have been so good to us, I have decided to help you out a bit.  It’ll be our secret.  I’m going to give you tips on how to find the best stocking stuffers for moms.  You know us moms…we are busy during this time of year and we don’t always write…so it must be difficult to know what to give us.  So here goes:

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Ok, Santa this is a biggie!  In case you don’t know what Pinterest is…it’s a virtual pinboard.  Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web.  It’s the perfect place to see what moms like and want.  I even have a board named I want one!   All you have to do to find each mom is to type their name or maybe a common user name they use online into the search field at the top.

top of pinterest


Santa, many online companies have wish lists on their sites.  The one I use most often is Amazon.  This is a great place to find ideas for stocking stuffers.  You can find a mom by clicking on “wish list” at the top right corner of Amazon’s home page.

amazon wish list


Many moms also post things they like on social media.  I personally use Facebook and Twitter.  Moms are constantly sharing things they like on both of these social platforms.  You are sure to find all kinds of ideas for us on there.


Next time you have a kid sit on your lap take the opportunity to ask them what their mom wants for Christmas.  They might know. 😉

Santa and kids familybringsjoy.com

2 of my kids when they were much younger


Stocking Stuffers for Moms familybringsjoy.com

1.) Cool T-Shirt {easy to roll and throw in stocking} 2.) Unique Journals 3.) Books or Digital Book Gift Card 4.) Anything from The Vintage Pearl {can’t go wrong with jewelry and fits nicely in stocking} 5.) Movie Tickets or Cinema Gift Card 6.) Perfume 7.) iTunes Gift Card or Music CD 8.) New Mobile Phone Case 9.) Camera Necklace

10.) Foto clips {also sold on Amazon} or many items at The Photojojo Store

Buy the Fotoclips (110 pcs) at the Photojojo Store!

10.) SD Cards for camera memory

Hope this might help make your job a little easier Santa!

Very Sincerely,



He’s checking his list,

Teacher Appreciation & Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

1. Pencil Holder {or anything else holder} – easy peasy project for a little one to make!  My 7 year old made this one.

  • We used an old Slim Jim beef jerky container
  • Mod Podge & sponge brush
  • Scraps of paper. This one has wrapping paper, scrapbook paper and construction paper

2. Small Trinket Box – Another easy project for kiddos.

  • Wooden box from a $1 store
  • Mod Podge & sponge brush
  • I used book paper as the background and old vellum scrapbook stickers layered on top.

3. Gold Fish Crackers or Cookies and Tag –  Found this adorable idea and printable goldfish tags thanks to Nothing But Country.  This couple had no idea how addicted I am to Xtra Cheddar Flavor Blasted Gold Fish.  So this is a huge deal for me to give these bags of crackers to my kid’s teachers! 😉

4. Personalized Mug – Another $1 store find!  I made these last year.  I had one left over {although I just saw them at the Dollar Tree yesterday} & decided to share this idea as well. Just print out what you want it to say on your favorite software or have your children draw/color something, trace the paper that comes with the mug around your design, cut and slide in!

5. Framed Crayon Monogram – I LOVE this idea but can’t seem to bring myself to cutting perfectly brand new crayons.  If you have extra & you don’t have a problem with cutting the crayons…this is super cute!  Another cute gift that can be done by a child with a little adult supervision.  Thank you Dawn from Testosterone Times Three.

6. Clipboard & Pen – Made these last year with the kids for their teachers.  Fun & easy to make. See more about them here.

  • Mod Podge & sponge brush
  • Small Clip Board
  • Small Sharpie pen
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Optional – embellishments, like flowers, buttons, sayings & glue to attach them

7. Hallmark Grandma & Me Conversations Book – We celebrated Mother’s Day with my Mom on Sunday.  The kids gave her this book.  She took each grandchild aside and they had fun recording the answers.  This book is worth every penny!

8. Audible Subscription – This is a near-perfect gift for any Teacher or Mom!  You can read all the MANY reasons I think this & get her first audio book free by clicking here.

9. Sterling Silver Necklace – The one I have wanted for a long time now is the “Through My Lens” necklace designed by the very talented Lisa Leonard.  I promise that ANY purchase made from Lisa Leonard Designs will be a huge HIT!

10. Apples for Teachers – Last year I used this idea from the awesome Skip To My Lou.  Very simple with print out to use, all you need is apples.
Top Ten {Tuesday}Celebrate Teachers & Moms,