Day 5 of Kitchen Week

Belated…I know.  Here we go…

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but we had a professional kitchen designer draw up the design for our kitchen.  I absolutely LOVE the spice drawers on both sides of the stove.

Custom Kitchen Spice Drawer

Spices are easily accessible when cooking with these drawers.

Kitchen spice drawers on both sides of stove

Custom Kitchen storage

close up of spice drawer

Below you will see one of the two gigantic drawers underneath our stove for pots and pans.

pot drawer

If you are building a house, the following is a must.  It’s easy to store your pans, trays, etc. in this divider over the oven.

pan storage

Next up, there are a row of 4 bottom cabinets in which I house my baking items in.  They each have 2 drawers in them to make retrieving these items quick.  In the following cabinet you see where I store my cookie cutters and some of my Tupperware.  Here’s a little trivia about me.  I used to be a Tupperware Manager long ago before my son was born.  I even had a Tupperware car.  Needless to say, I have a TON of Tupperware.  I still LOVE it and use it every day!

pull out drawers in cabinets

Last is the pretty glass pantry door.

Pantry Door

Now it’s back to sorting through countless boxes in my attic.  Ugh!

Have a great day,

I Heart Kitchen Drawers

Welcome back to Kitchen Week here on Family Brings Joy!

Now it’s time to see some unique features of our kitchen.  As I said yesterday, I don’t like wasted space.  Instead of closing off the corner and not taking advantage of the storage offered there, we made a tall drawer which houses our glassware.
Corner drawer for glasses

I like that the drawer is right next to the dishwasher because it makes putting the clean glasses away super easy.

Glasses Drawer

It’s was also easier for the kids to get a cup when they were younger.

corner storage in kitchen

Take a look at our over sized drawers below.

This is about as organized as I come inside drawers.

over sized kitchen drawer

The other drawer identical to this one is our junk drawer.

I’m not bearing that photo today. 😉

large silverware kitchen drawer

I counted 43 drawers in our kitchen which come in all shapes and sizes.  If you are just joining us for the first time, I’m sharing this information because our house is on the market.  My purpose is not to brag about our kitchen.  It is simply to share the selling points for the future homeowner.  If you missed my post yesterday, it shows photos of the whole kitchen.  It is the post right before this one.  Glad you stopped by!  Come back tomorrow for more.

Drawers bring joy,