Batman Vs. Heart Vs. Jack-O-Lantern

Yesterday I shared our pumpkin patch photos.

Today, I share our carving of the pumpkins the kids chose.

Perfect day to share since it is Halloween. 😉

Son wanted a Batman pumpkin.  {I forgot to ‘photoshop’ the preserving packet of the photo…in case you were wondering what that was.}

Youngest chose a sweet smiling face for her jack-o-lantern.

Some of my favorite photos are ones where no one is looking at the camera.  Oldest is taking an Instagram photo with her phone while the other two watch their Dad scoop out the pumpkin goop.

I heart my grown up girl.

The awe and wonder of her pumpkin…super sweet!

All three together!

I had to add this photo of my oldest when she was one.  Cutest BYU cheerleader ever!  She still has a sweet tooth {holding a sucker in the photo…lol}

Happy Halloween,

I Don’t Really Want to Scare You

This is a pretty scary shot, huh?  Boy am I glad my skin doesn’t really look like that! LOL

Since today is Halloween I thought I would share with you our Trunk or Treat photos from last week:

Found this in my daughter’s back pack this morning:

I "posterized" it

I hope everyone has a safe Trick or Treating experience.  EnJOY your family time together!

Brush your teeth {after eating all that candy},