Calling all Readers & Crafters!

Do you like to read books?

Do you like to craft, scrapbook, journal?

I found the coolest project on one of the coolest new sites My Craft Channel. {Yes, I said coolest twice}

My Craft Channel is wonderful!  It’s a new site and has some of my favorite people, including iheartfaces and Stacy Julian from Big Picture Classes, who offer free crafting & photography videos.

I found some more awesome people, Angie & Wendy, on My Craft Channel from Ella Publishing {Their site is AMAZING, btw}.  It was their Episode 5 video titled Book Themed Circle Journal I am referring to as the coolest project including books and crafting.

Angie & Wendy asked 10 women who like to read & craft to journal their favorite books of the year 2009.  You can see their video by clicking here. {Can’t embed video, sorry!}

Here's one person's layout (ignore play symbol, photo only)

Screenshot of the video, photo only

The closest thing I have ever done to this idea is when I made my 10×10 Twilight themed ABC scrapbook. {No Twilight hate comments, please}

I totally want to make one of these Book Themed Circle Journals!

Who else would like to make a really cool book that includes your top 10 favorite books of 2011?

We will be set on what to read for 2012!

If you are interested, let me know in the comments section and I will send you an email about the particulars.

I have to share one more photo of someone’s journal page using book covers to make a pennant…genuis!

Photo only

P.S. :  Angie & Wendy promote, but I use  No compensation was given for the writing of this post.

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You Smile, I Smile :) {iheartfaces}

Today after church my youngest daughter and I had a mini photo shoot in honor of her upcoming 8th birthday.

Turning 8 is especially great for her and our family because she has chosen to be baptized on her special day.  Yesterday we were excited to find my oldest daughter’s white patten leather dress shoes {from when she was 8}.  We took out a beautiful dress, also a hand me down from Sister, {but still in wonderful shape & sentimental} and laid it out for her to wear today to church.  After church was the perfect time to snap a few shots at the local garden park.  However, the wind and lighting were not cooperating.  Practical me, I was determined.  So we persevered.  The camera loves my daughter and she loves the camera.  It’s definitely a mutual relationship.  My oldest daughter {sophomore in High School} has already pledged her love to the camera…she knows her major will be photography in college.  Today my youngest daughter says she plans to be a photographer as well.

Sigh…not a bad dream I dare say.

It’s been a while since I entered an iheartfaces photo challenge.  I laughed when I read the photo needed to have wind incorporated. 😉

Smile on,

Photography Workshop

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to go to a photography workshop. I wanted to learn more about using my DSLR camera on manual mode. There is so MUCH to learn!! Aperture, ISO and shutter speed are 3 key elements of a proper exposure. I met some photographers/bloggers who I have followed for a while. It was fun to meet them and hear how they became photographer extraordinaire. At the end of the workshop we were able to practice what we learned on some models they hired. These are some of the photos I ended up with (all taken on manual mode).

Click on,

i heart faces {vroom,vroom photo challenge}

iheartfaces announced they were having a “vroom,vroom” photo challenge this week. I immediately thought of this photo. I loved capturing this moment. The ocean is such a peaceful place. This was taken right at sunset on our first night, Sep 2, 2010. We were in the middle of the ocean. All you could see was the beautiful blue water surrounding us. I’ll name the shot “Contemplative Cruising.” I decided I might enter the contest for fun.

Capture Moments,