Pampering Prizes!

One of the girls’ prizes was a pedicure. This was extra special because it was my 5
year old’s first time to have a pedicure. I was honestly surprised she chose it. I am sure seeing her big sister have hers done might have played a part. She is usually a little timid about getting her haircut. She sat so sweet and still. It was funny watching her little eyes observing every move the manicurist made. She giggled when they used the pumice stone, just like her Mom…it tickles! I always remind my girls that my first pedicure was after my oldest was born. It was actually the first time I got out of the house by myself after she was born. My husband treated me to it for my birthday. Ever since that time, pedicures are one of my most favorite pamperings. I envisioned a day when I could take my girls to the salon. They both deserved a special day with Mom after working diligently on their service scavenger hunts.

Service Matters,

Home Service Scavenger Hunt

Two Saturday’s ago I woke up with one of the greatest ideas to motivate my kids to WORK! I thought it was worth sharing. It was a HUGE success with my two youngest; while my oldest still moaned and complained. (that’s teenagers for ya!) I was trying to make it fun for them so they wouldn’t complain and whine. I printed out the following for each of my children:

Home Service Scavenger Hunt

1. Your Room: find 5 toys or groups of toys that you no longer play with.
2. In your bathroom: find 10 items that are trash or you no longer use.
3. Clothes: find 5 articles of clothes you no longer wear.
4. Basement: find 5 items that are yours that you don’t want anymore.
5. Garage: find 5 items that don’t belong in the garage.
6. Lawn: Fill one Walmart bag with dandelions.
7. BOX: Pack one box of your things to be moved.

I need to see these items and when you have finished you will receive a prize of your choosing. This is NOT a competition, everyone will win something upon completion.

I wrote out 3 choices of prizes for each child. For example, coupon to go to the movies, coupon for toy at store ($10 or less.) I thought it would keep the kids busy all day long while my husband and I cleaned out our basement. Instead, the youngest ones were done in about an hour! I was so happy to see my kids being happy helpers. My youngest said it was so much fun she wanted to do it the next Saturday. I hope this brings happiness to another Mom 🙂

Happy Hunting,