Teacher Appreciation & Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

1. Pencil Holder {or anything else holder} – easy peasy project for a little one to make!  My 7 year old made this one.

  • We used an old Slim Jim beef jerky container
  • Mod Podge & sponge brush
  • Scraps of paper. This one has wrapping paper, scrapbook paper and construction paper

2. Small Trinket Box – Another easy project for kiddos.

  • Wooden box from a $1 store
  • Mod Podge & sponge brush
  • I used book paper as the background and old vellum scrapbook stickers layered on top.

3. Gold Fish Crackers or Cookies and Tag –  Found this adorable idea and printable goldfish tags thanks to Nothing But Country.  This couple had no idea how addicted I am to Xtra Cheddar Flavor Blasted Gold Fish.  So this is a huge deal for me to give these bags of crackers to my kid’s teachers! 😉

4. Personalized Mug – Another $1 store find!  I made these last year.  I had one left over {although I just saw them at the Dollar Tree yesterday} & decided to share this idea as well. Just print out what you want it to say on your favorite software or have your children draw/color something, trace the paper that comes with the mug around your design, cut and slide in!

5. Framed Crayon Monogram – I LOVE this idea but can’t seem to bring myself to cutting perfectly brand new crayons.  If you have extra & you don’t have a problem with cutting the crayons…this is super cute!  Another cute gift that can be done by a child with a little adult supervision.  Thank you Dawn from Testosterone Times Three.

6. Clipboard & Pen – Made these last year with the kids for their teachers.  Fun & easy to make. See more about them here.

  • Mod Podge & sponge brush
  • Small Clip Board
  • Small Sharpie pen
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Optional – embellishments, like flowers, buttons, sayings & glue to attach them

7. Hallmark Grandma & Me Conversations Book – We celebrated Mother’s Day with my Mom on Sunday.  The kids gave her this book.  She took each grandchild aside and they had fun recording the answers.  This book is worth every penny!

8. Audible Subscription – This is a near-perfect gift for any Teacher or Mom!  You can read all the MANY reasons I think this & get her first audio book free by clicking here.

9. Sterling Silver Necklace – The one I have wanted for a long time now is the “Through My Lens” necklace designed by the very talented Lisa Leonard.  I promise that ANY purchase made from Lisa Leonard Designs will be a huge HIT!

10. Apples for Teachers – Last year I used this idea from the awesome Skip To My Lou.  Very simple with print out to use, all you need is apples.
Top Ten {Tuesday}Celebrate Teachers & Moms,

The Winner Is… {Drumroll}

Thank you so much for the participation in this awesome opportunity to receive a Hallmark Recordable Storybook.  I loved reading all your ideas about how you would use your book.  I want to thank Hallmark for their generous donation!  If you did not win, remember you can find these books near the Hallmark cards in a store near you.  They would make perfect gifts for Easter, Mother’s Day or really any holiday!

Sorry it has taken a while for me to reveal the results from the drawing for the Hallmark Recordable Storybook.  This morning my duties as Family Manager came first.  Anyway, I finally figured out how to do the Random.org drawing.  I’m adding a widget below. {Widget box was wigging out on me} Click here, instead.  Entrants can type in your name to ensure you were in the drawing.  It is important to me for you to understand I had no hand it choosing the winner.

The winner is:

I just realized the time on Sheri’s comment.  She lives in Mountain Standard Time Zone, so to her it was 11:23 pm.  My blog is set to Central Standard Time Zone.  I will be more specific on time zone on next drawing.

Congratulations Sheri!


The wonderful people at Hallmark

have graciously offered a superb product

for you to enjoy in your family

for generations.


Have you seen the

Hallmark Recordable Storybooks?


Here are some ways you can use these books:

  1. If you are going on a work trip or vacation without your children, record your voice reading this story.  They can listen to you while you are away…keep you close to them even though you are not present.  This would be especially meaningful for parents who are in the military and are gone for a long time.  I was able to do this before I went to my last blog conference.  My Husband texted me while I was gone saying how our youngest listened to the book every night before she went to bed.
  2. Have a grandparent or extended family member record their voice reading the story.  How special it will be for that child to have a recording of their Grandparents reading them a book.  They can pull it out any time they want to hear them.  My children only have one great grandparent who hasn’t passed on.  Oh how I wish I could have had these books recorded with their voice before they passed away.  I, personally, would treasure them and listen to them too!  They instantly become priceless when they have someones voice who is no longer with us.
  3. This next idea is what we did with this book.  My second grader has just become mastering her reading.  We both sat down with the book.  I took out the battery so we could just read it like a normal story book.  I read her the book first and then she read it next.  Some of the words were a little difficult for her, so I helped her and she practiced until she felt comfortable reading it.  {Shhhhhh….don’t tell them that this exercise helps them learn to read 😉 …hint hint}  Since I had read/recorded my voice in the other book I gave her, she had trouble understanding why I wanted her to be the one recording the book.  I explained to her how special it will be to her {and to us} to have her sweet 7 year old voice for us to listen to when she is grown.  Not only that, we can bring it out for her own children to listen and enjoy in the future.  How fun would it be for her own 7 year old daughter to hear her Mom’s voice when she was 7!!!  Again…priceless!!
  4. The next time my family from Holland are here I want them to record their voice reading one of these books.  If you have family who live far away, this is perfect to have them feel closer to you!
  5. When you are pregnant, you could record yourself reading this to your baby.  Then you can play it for them after they are born.  As they grow and get older you can share how you recorded this for them when they were still inside you.  Ahhhhhh 🙂

So you really want one now, don’t you?! I don’t blame you.  Hallmark is genius for coming up with these! There are many titles to choose from, however, Hallmark will be sending one lucky winner Bright & Beautiful, A Child’s Blessing.  The text of this book is based on the Hymn by Cecil Frances Alexander.

You will receive a chance to win when you complete the following tasks.  For each task you complete you will gain another entry into the contest.  This means if you complete all 4 tasks your name will go into the drawing 4 times.

  • Go to the Hallmark website here and click on SEE ALL.  This will show you all the recordable storybook titles to choose from.  Pick another one of these books that you think you would like.  Come back here and comment on which one and why.  Can’t wait to see all your ideas!
  • Write about this contest on Facebook or Twitter linking back to here.  All you do is add this link to your post: www.familybringsjoy.com
  • Write about this contest on your blog linking back to here.
  • Add my new button anywhere on your blog. 🙂

The winner will be chosen by Random.org and I will announce the winner on Thursday, March 10th.  The contest will close at midnight on March 10th.

Disclaimer: Hallmark offered to give me 2 of these Recordable Storybooks.  They gave me one to use/show here & one for the winner.  I was happy to feature a product I believe so strongly will help families create unity and joy.  I will only feature products that will help families.  No other compensation was given.

Good Luck,