I absolutely LOVE this quote!

“Anyone who imagines that bliss is normal is going to waste a lot of time running around shouting that he’s been robbed. The fact is that most putts don’t drop, most beef is tough, most children grow up to be just people, most successful marriages require a high degree of mutual toleration; most jobs are more dull than otherwise. Life is like an old time railway journey… delays, sidetracks, smoke, dust, cinders, and jolts, interspersed only occasionally by beautiful vistas and thrilling bursts of speed. The trick is to thank the Lord for letting you have the ride.”
—Gordon B. Hinckley, quoting Jenkin Lloyd Jones

I used to have this up on my fridge and it got lost in the last move. My sweet friend from Spiritually Speaking, Sarah found it for me! Thank you so much. I need to put it back on my fridge for occasional reminders. It is so true, not every day is what we think it should be. But if it were, then we wouldn’t really appreciate the good days because they would be all the same. Honestly, most days when I arise in the morning, I thank my Heavenly Father for another day to live. We never know when our day on this earth will be the last. We all need to be reminded to thank Him for letting us have the ride.

Enjoy the ride,

P.S.: Hoping I’ll have some more happy songs to put on my playlist. You still haven’t thought of one? It’s not that hard is it?

Sound and Windows!

Today I met the builder at our new home to discuss more items on our agenda. It was a great day…they were wiring my house for sound! It will be a dream come true to have speakers in all the rooms I frequent in throughout the day (not every room in the house..too much money). Music motivates me like nothing else and I just know doing laundry while listening to my favorite music just might make me ENJOY the chore! 🙂

Then to my surprise I saw them installing our windows! It was a good thing I was there because they switched some windows. I quickly got them right on track before it was too permanent to move them. There were many crews there today actually. The electrical crew, sound crew, window crew and soffet crew were all there this morning. It was like they were ants all with their little jobs to do…sawdust everywhere. For a future home owner this is like heroine. You want to see all this work happening. It means that you are that much closer to the house being done. It is really happening! Half the time I am giddy like a little kid and the other half of the time I feel like it is surreal…a dream.

I took the hubby there today to show him all the progress and pointed out everything. He said, “you know every little detail of what is going on, don’t you?” I immediately replied “Of course!” He doesn’t realize all the work I do while he is at work. Overall he is very supportive and we haven’t fought much at all. Fortunately we have the same taste…hmmm…maybe I should say to a point, we do, I am the one that brings us back to earth sometimes.

I really hope this does not come across as bragging in any way. I know most of my readers are my friends & family and will understand the excitement, and be happy for us. We are extremely grateful for this opportunity to build a home. On purpose, I have tried not to talk incessantly about this huge undertaking. I thoroughly understand that it is a blessing to have a home period. I know that not everybody has an opportunity to even own a home. With this knowledge brings humility in a way that I feel somewhat guilt. Then as I kneel to pray and thank my loving Heavenly Father for making this all possible, a still small voice whispers “accept my blessing, my child.”

I hope you too, will accept the blessings our Father in Heaven has for you today…whatever they may be, big or small, spiritual or temporal, He showers them on us each and every day. I find that when I recognize His hand in all things and thank Him…the guilt melts away. God loves us so much…He really does.

I never know where my thoughts will lead to as I sit down at the computer. Anyway, thanks for reading and I have included above some pictures of our living room ceiling before they put the roof on. It is cool to see the sky above. Now the house is completely roofed in and shingles have been laid.


I love my friends!

On Saturday I was able to speak with one of my dearest friends who lives in Oregon now. She was supposed to visit my blog…Welcome!!! It was so great to hear how well she is doing. She and her family are going through a tough trial right now. Even so, she is persevering and clinging to her faith. We have prayed for them so much and I know Heavenly Father has answered our prayers.

I have another close friend from my home state who I miss dearly. Thanks to having the same cell phone company, texting, blogs and e-mails we keep in touch regularly. I am grateful for technology that can keep us close. 🙂 I can’t wait to see you in November! You know who you are!

I have only one true friend where I live now. She is so sweet and one of the most positive people I have ever met. I might feel a little lonely living in our small little town without her. I called her up on my birthday and she cleared her busy schedule to go to lunch with me! Thank you, girlie! 🙂

Friends are what makes the world go round.” Isn’t that the truth! They make this world a happier place. We have fun together, we cry together, we learn together…we, in essence, become family. I am profoundly grateful for my friends. Wherever you are, wherever you live…thank you for loving me just the way I am.
Sorry so “mushy”!

Something I Don’t Want to Forget

Last night I was so tired and ready to go to sleep myself when I tucked in my little girl. We believe in early bedtimes, kids need lots of sleep & parents need alone time. Sometimes I will lay next to her and she will fall asleep much faster. I was very willing to just lay next to her and fall asleep. These nights when I lay next to her are very special. If I am too preoccupied with things I need to get done I will want her to fall asleep quickly. But many times this is a chance for her to talk to me openly. She, of course, is stalling going to sleep.

I was drifting off to sleep when she asked me, “Mom, how long will you be with me?” I was caught off guard and half asleep. I answered, “what do you mean?” She says, “How long will you be my mom?” I answered quickly without much thought, “I don’t know.” My sleepy thought processes are thinking of this earth life. None of us know when our time here is done.

As a side note, unfortunately, there are mothers who don’t get as much time with their kids before they are called back to their Maker. Lately, I have heard way too many stories of mothers with young children dying of all sorts of cancer. These are women who are my age. This has me thanking my Heavenly Father for each day I have with my children. Each day is a gift, whether I acknowledge it or not. I don’t know about every woman/mom, but for me, I would like to live to see my children get married and have grandchildren.

Back to the story, my little girl gave me a tight squeeze around my neck and said, “I want to be with you forever!”

I love you,” I said and she repeated in her sweet little voice, as she always does when I tell her this, “I love you too.” But then she added something new, “so does brother and sister.” This caught me by surprise. I realized she said this because she has heard me tell her older brother and sister I wish they would tell me they love me after I tell them I love them (They don’t usually). “Why do you think they don’t tell me anymore,” I ask her. “I think it’s just because they are bigger,” her tiny voice answers. “Promise me you will tell me you love me when you are bigger, ” I humbly ask. She says, “I will mommy.”

38 is GREAT!

Today is my birthday and I want to thank everyone who called me to wish me a happy day. It is special that you remembered. It has been a good day. I started out by running 3 miles on the treadmill at the gym. I placed my little card on the scanner like I do every time I enter the gym and the computer all of a sudden said “Happy Birthday!” It totally shocked me! Then everyone in the office said Happy Birthday to me. That was pretty cool!

I then decided I would go see the progress of the house. There was only one framer there. It is very cloudy today with a high chance of rain. He informed me that one of the framers fell off a rafter yesterday working. I was very surprised to find out they worked yesterday. I did not expect that, being Labor Day, & then to find out someone who has been instrumental in building our miracle was hurt doing so. I was sad to hear the news. I think he has shoulder and ribs injured. The one man who was there asked me why I was coming & taking pictures of the house. I was thinking in my mind, “why would I NOT take pictures…it is my dream home you are building.” Anyhow, he continued talking and said out of all the 12 houses he has help build in the last 3 years that only one other owner came to take pictures. I was a little surprised myself and then told him it might be due to people working full time. I think maybe they just came and took pictures at night when they were not there anymore. This was a very nice man and I began to explain to him that I am very grateful for their work. “I want to take pictures and capture this process…it is a miracle to me. I like to see how it has grown. Honestly, I am in awe.” He looked at me and said, “you are the first person to say that, usually everyone takes us for granted.” I can not begin to tell you how humbling it was to hear him say this to me. He continued talking, sharing stories of how rude owners were to them, treating them like second class citizens. My sympathy overflowed as I listened to him. I am very grateful for these men, the framers of our new house. They have a special talent…it really is amazing to watch them work and see their progress.

At the last minute, a friend invited me to lunch and we visited a quaint little “Tea Room” in our small little town. Then before we knew it, it was time to pick up the kids from school. Hubby just got home with a cake for dessert…isn’t that so sweet! He also gave me Stephenie Meyer’s book The Host! Something to look forward to reading. Although, I really can’t imagine it being any better than Twilight. So we are off to have dinner at my favorite Italian Restaurant as a family. I made a birthday mix today and found a song I have been looking for for years: Something Good by Utah Saints. It is such a fun song to dance to!

I hope this finds all of you, my family & friends having a good day too! I am so blessed to have you all in my life. And even though I have wrinkles, grey hair and a slower metabolism I am grateful to be here this day…it is a gift itself!

Adios, Shan