How Far We’ve Come

My youngest is having a friend sleep over tonight.

“You need to clean your room before your friend comes over.”

Grumpy face on my daughter.

“I hate cleaning!  It’s so BORING!”

“Why don’t you put on some music?”

An hour later…

“Mom, did you have to clean your room before your friends came over?”

“Yes, I did.”

Later, I checked on her progress…

She was almost done.  I reminded her where the homes were for some of her items.  Next thing I know we were dusting and vacuuming.

“It’s less than an hour before we pick her up!” 

{I think she’s excited. We obviously don’t have friends over enough}

Her iPod rings.  It’s her friend calling her on Facetime.

“Hi! We are cleaning my room before we come pick you up.”

I had to smile watching her talk to her friend.  Her iPod is docked on her nightstand alarm clock.  She leans against her bed while she talks to her friend.

I am in awe.

What an age we live in.

I never thought I would live to see my children talk face to face on a little device.

It’s just so cool!

Having this technology has become mainstream.  Many times I think we forget how far we’ve come.  {food for thought}

I’m grateful to live in this technological era.

That’s all.

P.S.: Photos were taken on my iPhone. {no, I was not paid by Apple to write this.}

Good things come in small packages ;),