Name Them One By One

I’m continuing my list of one thousand gifts…not of gifts I want, but gifts I have.

I am writing them down, one to one thousand.

33. Celebrating Grandparent’s Day with my Oma yesterday.
34. Three generations of family.

35. Seeing our kids with their Great Oma.

36. Watching my Mom play tic tac toe with my Daughter.  Special time with her Grandmother on Grandparent’s Day.

37. Our oldest took a precious photo of our youngest & I together on my Birthday.

38. Youngest gave me my favorite candy as a Birthday gift.

39. Seeing & hearing our Daughter laugh.

40. Handsome hubby allowing me to take a photo of him at our oldest’s first football game of the school year.

41. Capturing my youngest taking an abstract photo.

42. Seeing my oldest look at the Senior dedication page I made for her in the football program.

Count your blessings,