Dancing Bones


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Hope you laughed,

Comedy Brings Joy

I came across this hilarious and entertaining video my Son made on our web cam.

I’ve always thought he had my theatrical tendencies.

This video confirms my suspicions.

Daughter got her braces off this week & Son graciously let me take a photo of them both!

Besides, I’m not allowed {by him, of course} to take video or photos of my Son.  I hate this because I’m sure you think we only have 2 girls.  I keep reminding him when he’s older he’ll be asking me, “Mom, why don’t you have any photos of me when I was younger?”  He will then accuse me of loving the girls more.


Unfortunately, he already accuses me of this. 🙁

So, even though he will be extremely angry with me for posting this…it’s my blog and he will just have to deal.

Right?!  Ba ha ha ha…I’m such an evil Mom. 😉

It’s sure to bring a few laughs.  We all need more laughter in our lives. ENJOY! 😀

By the way, please don’t notice how messy my command central is in this video.  I’m sad to say it doesn’t look too different currently.

Comedy Brings Joy,