Running Dedications

On our way to the start line here in Hilton Head.  My friend, Monica, is running with me. I wanted to take a few minutes for dedications.

Every mile will be devoted to my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

The first 6.5 miles I’m dedicating to my family.  Not just my immediate family.  My whole family, present & past…extended…ancestors.

The second 6.5 miles, I’m dedicating to you, my friends/readership.

I could not do this without all of you.

Show time! 13.1…

Treasure-Trove Thursday

Me, Sara & her daughter

My treasure today is friends. I have been thinking a lot lately about friendships. A week ago today my closest friend, Sara, {where I live} moved away. {not too far away, about a couple of hours} I have known for several months her moving day would come. I tried not to think about it too much because it would always provoke tears. It still does.

Family is important. However, a life without friends is unbalanced. At least for me, it is. While growing up I recall fond memories spending time with my parents’ friends & their families. My parents taught me the value of friendship. {Thank you Mom & Dad} Thinking back, I believe part of the reason for this was because we didn’t have grandparents, aunts/uncles and cousins that lived in our city or close. So it was helpful to have friends for support and fellowship. We would get together to celebrate holidays, go camping together, worshiped together etc.

Unfortunately, our (me & my husband) extended family members (on both sides) don’t live in the same town either.  Therefore, we rely on support from our friends and church congregation/family.  My favorite part of having friends is just spending time and having fun together.  Too much work, not enough play and adult conversation makes for a dull life.

I completely treasure and cherish every single friend I have made throughout my life.  Some of my most favorite movies and songs are about beautiful connections between friends.  The first couple of movies that come to mind are Beaches and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

Awesome Friend Songs:

  • Friends by Elton John
  • Friends by Michael W. Smith
  • I Will Remember You by Amy Grant
  • With A Little Help From My Friends by The Beatles
  • Never Let Me Down Again by Depeche Mode
  • Each Life That Touches Ours For Good – Hymn
  • That’s What Friends Are For by Gladys Knight & Stevie Wonder Dionne Warwick with Elton John
  • Hello Again by Neil Diamond

Saturday, I invited a Woman and her 3 girls from Church who recently moved here over to our house.  Her girls and my youngest played while she & I sat and talked.  I look forward to getting to know her better. {Hi, Michele}  Monday, I met another woman at the running track.  She is somewhat new to our community and we hit it off right away.  As a matter of fact, she invited me to her book club for tonight. {Hi, Monica}  But as I write these words a particular Girl Scout song comes to mind.

“Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold.”

I know I will see Sara again, this is true.  But it won’t be the same as having her close by.  I remember not long after we met she dropped off a bag with Extra Cheesy Gold Fish and Reese’s Butter Cups for me.  I had mentioned on the phone earlier that I was not having a good day.  Her note said something along the lines of hoping to “brighten my day.”  She most certainly did.  We were such new friends, I think she even asked my husband what my favorite treats were {to know what to buy.}  I remember when she came over to help me pack when we moved {after our house was built.}  She was a wonderful listener {of my rantings and ravings} while we built our home and even helped me glaze my kitchen cabinet doors.  Sara was there to help me with my Son’s birthday party.  I could go on and on, but I won’t.

The other reason this topic has been on my mind is because my oldest daughter has been struggling with a friendship. {Hopefully she won’t kill me when she finds out I wrote about this, please don’t be mad, K}  She has a wonderful best friend.  At the beginning of the school year they befriended a girl who had been ostracized by her former friends for one reason or another.  They became the three musketeers.  {That’s what they called themselves.}  However, just recently, this new friend of theirs was welcomed back into her former friends.  That wouldn’t necessarily be a problem, but now she no longer wants to be friends with my daughter and her best friend.  I don’t really understand everything.  All I know is how sad my daughter has been to lose this friend.  It breaks my heart for her.  When I think back to my High School years…when I think about my good friends I had in High School…I wonder what happened to our friendship?  Why didn’t we stay in touch?  All I remember are the good times we had together.  This tells me that for whatever the reason was, if I don’t remember the reason, then it must have not been very important.

I planned on adding a photo montage of friends I have made throughout my life.  I have been extra busy today and haven’t had time to peruse through my photos before going to the book club.  I still plan on doing this though.  I will add the collage as soon as it is done to this post.  So check back later tonight or tomorrow and see if maybe you are in it. 😉

Thank you to all my friends for loving me just the way I am, weaknesses and all.  Your life has touched mine for good and I treasure you.

Friends are Friends Forever,

Blissdom Introduction

Some of my new cyber (facebook & twitter) friends who are also attending Blissdom Blog Conference have introduced themselves on their blogs. What a great idea! I’m taking a break from packing and decided I would quickly write an intro before heading out to run.

  1. Thanks to my Army Dad (retired now) I was born in Germany. Unfortunately, I was a baby when we returned to the States so I don’t remember visiting. I hope to visit there some day. I grew up in Texas, so I consider myself a Texan even though our family moved to Oklahoma 4 years ago.
  2. In September I celebrated the big 40! Fortunately, I inherited ‘young looking’ genes. I absolutely love it when people tell me I look too young to have a 15 year old. 😉
  3. I’ve had many career ambitions in my lifetime. I took dance from very young to high school. So at one point in time I dreamed of moving to NYC to become a prima ballerina {I still LOVE to dance!} I changed my mind and wanted to be a Lawyer…did the debate thing in High School. Since I’m not the academic type {couldn’t see myself going to school for 6+ years} I decided against it. Next, I set my sights on a Public Relations major and minoring in Theater. I ended up with an Associates Degree in Education. I met my husband when I was in college for my bachelors degree in Recreational Therapy. Life had different plans for me because now I work at home as a Family Manager. Hardest job ever!
  4. My husband is learning to multi task as he was recently ordained the Bishop for our local church congregation. In addition to being the Father of our 3 kids, he has a busy medical practice and enjoys running, cycling and triathlons.
  5. I’m not really a sweet tooth kind of gal. Salty foods like extra cheesy Goldfish, cheese Chex Mix, cheese Doritos {basically I love cheese!} are my weakness! However, I am a sucker for Reeses. 😉 Chocolate and peanut butter is the perfect combo!
  6. I used to LOVE television. However, I don’t have as many shows I like to watch as I used to. My favorite show now is Parenthood. Thanks to the Twilight series I have become an avid reader of fantasy/paranormal romance books {mostly teen & young adult.} So now I read. Before Twilight, I only read non-fiction books. Last year I read or listened to 37 books.
  7. Leigh (which is my middle name, BTW) wrote about her personality that I thought was very similar to me as well. She said, “I’m a good mix of extrovert and introvert.” I think I am the same. I am definitely a people person. I don’t like to judge others or gossip. You never know what people are going through in their life. My kids are constantly hearing me say to them, “they are a child of God, too,” when I hear them speaking unkind things about someone. It is very important to me that my kids learn to be accepting of others no matter what someones shortcomings might be. I am a firm believer in doing unto others as you would have them do unto you.
  8. I ran cross country & track in grade school, but discontinued running until after I had my third child. I joined Team in Training with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and ran my first half marathon in 2003 and my first full marathon {a fulfilled dream!} in 2005. Currently, I struggle to get back into running after suffering from Achilles Tendinitis.
  9. I like to be straight forward. It’s weird. According to books I have read about the way women talk and the way men talk and my conversational style is more like a man. I don’t mean that my voice sounds like a man. LOL I just like to be direct and talk about things that matter. I don’t mind talking about the weather, but I would much rather talk about music, movies, books, blogs, graphic arts, decorating, travel, crafts, my family, my faith, photography, scrapbooking or the lives of the people I am talking to.
  10. In a nut shell, I’m just a down-to-earth girl who has MANY interests. 😀

Looking forward to making many new friends this week!

Auf Wiedersehen,

P.S. : I love hats! If you see someone wearing a hat at Blissdom, it might be me! 🙂

Where Have I Been?

You may wonder since I haven’t posted much lately. I am almost done re-reading New Moon. I love it way more the second time around and hope to enjoy the movie way more (yeah, I know repetitious, sorry!) by not re-reading it right before the release. So here I am (in the photo, not literally right now) at the water park reading in the pool. It really is a great way to read and get a tan. Unfortunately, I’m not much tanner! We started a tradition by going to the small water park only an hour away from us on DH’s birthday. We have done it two years in a row now and the kids love it. My youngest wasn’t happy about going to Red Lobster for dinner afterwards because, “I don’t like Lobster.” After explaining they served more than lobster, she was fine. She calls it the “cheese biscuit place” now. =) Gotta love their biscuits!

The next reason would be the horrible back pain I have been experiencing. The Chiropractor says it is a pulled joint in the lower left portion of my back. Mom, I truly understand how horrible you have been feeling, it is awful! You don’t realize how much you need that part of your back to not hurt until it does. I can’t believe how much I must use that part because I can barely do anything without it bothering me. It began a week and a half ago. I think I pulled it lifting something or reaching for something while unpacking etc. I can’t believe it has lasted this long! The Doc assured me it will get better eventually. I hope sooner rather than later! Mom I sympathize for you!

This past weekend I was able to do something I love and haven’t had a chance to do in a very long time. A friend of mine here invited me to a weekend scrapbook retreat (to a small town about an hour away). DH was on call so he arranged for my in-laws to have some grandchildren time with the kids. Thanks M & D! Their Uncle visited and I know they had a grand time. Thanks Mark! Anyway, I haven’t scrap booked in a VERY LONG TIME! Most of my stuff was in storage while we were in the last house. (Yeah, I know you don’t feel too sorry for me – wink) I had so much fun! It was a much needed break for me. A break to just be me and enjoy being creative with others who share that love also. Not only that, I am able to preserve precious memories by doing so. I am our family historian, ya know! 🙂 I got to know my friend who invited me better and made new friends too. My life ALWAYS has room for more friends!

Speaking of friends, I was able to meet my close friend’s sister. We had talked through our blogs, facebook and on the phone. We finally got to meet in person! I enjoyed our time together Sara & Amy. 🙂

Now I am preparing for our vacation to Missouri. I am looking forward to seeing some of our Church History Sites and taking my oldest to see The Jonas Brothers in concert. We got FLOOR seats! When we return it will be time to prepare for school. Our starts August 12th! It is on that day that the REAL unpacking begins for me 🙂

Hope this finds everyone enjoying their sun filled days and beautiful sunset nights!

I love my friends!

On Saturday I was able to speak with one of my dearest friends who lives in Oregon now. She was supposed to visit my blog…Welcome!!! It was so great to hear how well she is doing. She and her family are going through a tough trial right now. Even so, she is persevering and clinging to her faith. We have prayed for them so much and I know Heavenly Father has answered our prayers.

I have another close friend from my home state who I miss dearly. Thanks to having the same cell phone company, texting, blogs and e-mails we keep in touch regularly. I am grateful for technology that can keep us close. 🙂 I can’t wait to see you in November! You know who you are!

I have only one true friend where I live now. She is so sweet and one of the most positive people I have ever met. I might feel a little lonely living in our small little town without her. I called her up on my birthday and she cleared her busy schedule to go to lunch with me! Thank you, girlie! 🙂

Friends are what makes the world go round.” Isn’t that the truth! They make this world a happier place. We have fun together, we cry together, we learn together…we, in essence, become family. I am profoundly grateful for my friends. Wherever you are, wherever you live…thank you for loving me just the way I am.
Sorry so “mushy”!

"Always Something There to Remind Me"

Okay, so I have been stalling my “report” about my 20 year high school reunion. To be honest, mainly to not come across as a big complainer.

The best thing about my 20 year reunion was seeing people I didn’t see at my 10 year reunion. Overall, though, I enjoyed the 10 year better. I’m not saying I thought my 20 yr. was a total waste of time, not at all. I am glad I went.

Brief Summary:

*place was way too small…cramped
*music way too loud
*NOT ENOUGH 80’s music for a class that graduated in the 80’s
*lost my voice because I had to yell to talk to people
*too “clicky”

I am afraid I am getting old…I sound like a “stick in the mud.” This is just my honest opinion. I am sure to many others there it was totally different (especially the ones who were heavily intoxicated.)

I am afraid the smallness of the place it was held in made it difficult to be more open with people. The volume of the music did not lend to conversing much either. Anyway, I hope I will be able to keep in touch with some friends I had lost touch with over the years. There were many I wished would have come and did not.

I would like to thank every person who told me they thought I looked exactly the same! The ego trip alone was worth going, whether you meant it or not! 🙂


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