Grateful for my Craft Room

I have been promising photos of my craft room for a while.  I’ve been promising myself for almost 2 years!  Finally, I bit the bullet this week and focused on purging, cleaning and organizing.  {Totally helped to listen to an audio book while doing it…read how you can get one for free here.}  It feels so good.  However, I can’t promise that it will ever look this way again.  I told my youngest to go check it out when she got home from school.  “It’s too bare, Mom!”  This room tended to be a dumping grounds after we moved in.  It was a total mess with the counter tops covered in stuff.  I had boxes of various items all over the floor.

I am utterly and completely grateful for this special room.  We built a section for my kids to craft and practice their creativity.  You will see it with the small black stools underneath.  The other side of the room is basically mine.  On the left side I do my traditional scrapbooking & crafting and on the right side is my computer station.

“How did you get your husband to let you have this room?”

This is probably the first question guests ask me upon entering.  I never expected that question.  The answer…hubby spent 15 years of seeing paint, play dough, scrapbook paraphernalia and various other crafting supplies strewn all over the house.  He is very grateful to have a room dedicated for all my memorabilia as well.  It is the culmination of many years of planning.  The floor is cork, the counter tops are stainless steel looking laminate and I have filled every one of the cabinets you see.  I did not photograph the inside of all them, though.  Only a few are organized enough to share. 😉

I love seeing other people’s rooms or studios dedicated to crafting…such eye candy to behold for someone like me.  I looked at so many photos and blogs while building.  Let me know what you think, please.  Do you like?

Credit: I want to thank Jennifer McGuire from Jennifer McGuire Ink for inspiring the design of my craft room.  Jennifer is famous in the crafting world and her craft room was the inspiration for my own.  She is way more organized than me, but her thorough videos and photos helped me tremendously.  You can see her room by clicking here.

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Way to LOVE doing Chores

Pssssst…come here I want to tell you a secret.

Well, it’s not really a secret.

I want to share with you a great way

to LOVE doing chores.

Do I have your attention now?

Here it is: Listen to an audio book while doing chores.  I know, it doesn’t sound like any huge revelation or idea, but it works!

Don’t get a self help or non fiction book. {even though you think it would be good for you}  Get a fiction book you know you will like.  Choose from the genre you love.  If you have read my blog long enough you will know mine is fantasy. {prefer with romance, but not harlequin kind, mostly teen & young adult}

I began doing this because I just didn’t feel right about sitting down and reading a book all day.  I have way too many things to do.  But I didn’t want to give up reading all together.  Listening to audio books makes me WANT to do chores.  Seriously!  Plus, I don’t feel guilty because I’m still being productive.  I have heard people say, “I can’t listen to a book while doing chores.”  To them I say, “why not?”  It doesn’t take too many brain cells to fold clothes while listening.  If you can watch a movie or TV and fold clothes then you most certainly can listen to a book.  As a matter of fact, you are doing one LESS thing when you are listening versus watching and listening.  Most of the time doing chores is something we can do without thinking.  I hear people tell me how they listen to audio books while driving.  Honestly, if you can do this, then doing chores is a piece of cake.  Now, it might not work if you are trying to organize something {at least for me, I need to concentrate then}, but if you are washing the dishes, cleaning your home, sweeping etc.

So today I finished up listening to an audio book while working in the home.  The book was really good.  Next thing I knew it was over.  I was so bummed!  I hate when you are reading a good book…when it’s over…there’s this feeling of sadness, of let down.  This book was the second in a series.  Therefore, I feel like I know the characters really well.  Next thing you know, it’s the end, for now.  Until the author releases the next in the series.  Whaaa!

Okay, here’s the next tip.  Audio books are not cheap.  However, there is a more inexpensive and greener way than buying them in the store.  {Believe me, the CD’s begin to stack up over time}  I love I have been a member for over a year now.

Benefits of

  • Less expensive!
  • Use on ipod or other mp3 players.
  • Green – no CD’s, {you can make CD’s if you want to} listen in the car or somewhere your ipod won’t connect to
  • Listen at home.
  • Listen in the car. {I have a cord I hook up to my ipod & iphone to listen in the car} Great for commuting long distances!
  • Listen on an airplane.
  • Narrators {well, the good ones} help distinguish characters.
  • Listen to a book together as a family in the car on a long trip. Makes the trip go by much faster.  This also gives you an opportunity to create conversation with your children.  You can talk about the book together and provide a teaching opportunity as well.  Usually there is a moral to the story.  This gives you a chance to reinforce your own family values.  It’s amazing what you will learn about your children when you listen to them tell you why they think the character should do this or that.
  • New! Listen on your Kindle! {Carrie, this is awesome for you!}
  • Members receive FREE Interviews, Chapters, Short Stories and subscription to New York Times and Wall Street Journal
  • They have a HUGE selection of Kids Audio Books. Sometimes my 7 year old likes to listen to a book in bed before she falls asleep.
  • Will give you recommendations based on previous books listened to.
  • Offer Spanish versions of books.

There are many literary benefits of listening to books, especially if a child is learning to read.  Good article about this by Scholastic here.

Ready to do some laundry, load the dishwasher, sweep & mop the floor now?

Just try it and see for yourself if it helps motivate you.  I have teamed up with through their affiliate program.  They are offering Family Brings Joy readers a 14 day trial membership with your first book being free! No time like the present!  Click on box below to take advantage of this offer.

1 FREE Audiobook Credit RISK-FREE from

After you sign up:

  1. Please come back and tell me what book you are listening to.

  2. Tell me how your experience went with working and listening

  3. If you are a current audio book listener or member, please share your experiences and current books with us as well.  I am currently listening to One Thousand White Women by Jim Fergus.

So excited to hear your feedback!


Since posting this Amber from My Totally Simple Life has written about her experience with listening to audio books while doing chores.  Go check it out here.

My Totally Simple Life


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Disclosure: Affiliate program offers compensation when reader clicks on above link & becomes an member.  I was not compensated in any way for writing this post.  These are my own words and opinions.  Again, I will not market a company I don’t have a strong passion for already.  I feel this information is valuable for Family Brings Joy’s readers.

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