Pigtails and Glasses

Today was “nerd” day at my Daughter’s elementary school.  It’s Red Ribbon week where the kids are celebrating being drug free and saying NO to drugs.  She has been looking forward to nerd day.  I thought she turned out so cute, yet when it was time for her to get out of the car for school a few tears trickled down her cheeks.

“What if they laugh at me, Mom?”  I told her to just laugh with them, it’s supposed to be funny.  This reply was not to her liking.

She planned on wearing her lensless 3D glasses {she decorated with duck tape when she had a friend over.}  She didn’t know what else to wear, so I helped her out a bit.  According to her, I helped her out too much.  She detested the center part and pig tails.  Honestly, I figured she would take them out before she got to her classroom.  Low and behold they were still there when she came home from school!

Isn’t she the cutest nerd ever? 😉

Mom against drugs,