My Living Room {Roomspiration}

We have an octagon shaped living room.  Above is our ceiling.

Below is what it looks like when you walk into the living room from the entry way. The middle photo in this collage is what it looks like when you look to the left of the living room.  Bottom photo is what it looks like when you look to the right.

Okay, I’m still trying figure out if I like the drapes I made before making another one.  That is why you only see one drape hanging.  {Feel free to put your two cents in about them ;)}

The Nester from the Nesting Place {who I met at Blissdom in January!} was gracious enough to suggest placing a circular rug underneath the ottoman to help tie the room together.  I found this one at Target.

Gallery Wall ~ Thinking about painting all the frames, keys & W white…what do you think?

I was ecstatic to find this leather sectional.  It fits perfectly into our Octagonal shaped room!

We needed another end table to go between the very comfortable reclining lounger and the sofa.  I found this trunk I had bought at Hobby Lobby a few years back, added the books and viola, it’s at lamp level!

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE denim!  I love to wear it, but I also like to decorate with it.  I used some old jeans of my Son’s to cover this cork board {used hot glue gun.}  Then I was able to use all those photo buttons to pin in a circular fashion.

I also tore strips from the very same pair of jeans to weave through this old shelf off a laundry sorter we don’t use anymore.  I cut strips of burlap fabric and weaved them through as well.  I am so glad I saved that shelf.  I knew I could find something to make out of it. 😀

See those circles in the back, well those are some of my place mats.  Yep!

Above left: We had our builder build our entertainment center.  The cube/shelf can come out if need be.  This way we can get to all the cords.  I also love how we can slide the doors into the cabinet when we are using our remote controls while watching TV.  When company comes over, I shut the doors.  Above right: we had the builder build a small ledge to hide our cords from showing.  It just sits on top of the cabinet so we can remove it entirely.

Several years ago we went on a cruise and I brought back some of the sand from the beaches.  I have enjoyed displaying these little bottles of sand all over my home.  The beach is my most favorite place to be!

Can you tell I love baskets?!  And one more of our ceiling.  And yes, I like lots of LIGHT, both natural and electric.

One last photo of the ceiling.

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