Increase Your Positive Thoughts

Warning!  This is a brilliant idea!

Me, Hilary Weeks & my friend Sam

Unfortunately, I can’t take the credit.  Remember I mentioned my attendance at a women’s conference this past weekend?  One of the beautiful talented speakers unveiled this gem.  Her name is Hilary Weeks.  She is a songwriter, singer, author, speaker and MOM.  Honestly, seeing her was worth the conference alone.  I love her music.  Her songs speak to my soul in a way that is sacred.  Before I ramble on and on about how much I adore her, back to her idea.

Hilary spoke of her research about thoughts and thinking patterns.  She ran across a study that stated every person thinks at least 300 negative thoughts a day.  She decided she wanted to do her own “scientific” test to this theory.  She took a counter like the one in my photo and began to click every time she had a negative thought.  Every day she would record the results in her journal.  Every day she would clear the counter and begin again.  According to my notes, the most negative thoughts she had in one day was 145.

After a few days, I don’t remember how many exactly, she began to notice a sense of depression.  She wondered why.  Hilary came to the conclusion that her focusing on her negative thoughts {by counting them} must have caused this.  So she decided to begin counting her positive thoughts instead.  Can you imagine what happened?  Her mood increased by leaps and bounds!  She began to find positive things to think about.  This exercise helped her to create positive thoughts!  She ended up counting 1,262 positive thoughts in one day!

Well, I was able to purchase one of these clickers for myself at the conference!  You should have seen the rush of women to buy them after she spoke!  They probably could have sold them for a lot more than they did.  I purchased one for my Son as well.  I began my own counting of positive thoughts today and I am up to 60.  I am hoping to eventually count into the thousands some day as well! I found one just like mine on Amazon and posted it above if you are interested in doing this exercise yourself.

My Daughter & Hilary Weeks 10.27.2007

Find the good in any situation,