Thank You Friends

The ice has cleared,
{Yay!} so we are headed OUT of the house.
Before we go I wanted to take the time to
thank my current top referring blogs:

Amy is my best friend’s Sister.  However, I consider her a dear friend as well.  She has children around the same ages as mine and is a wonderful Mother.  She never ceases to amaze me with the special ways she spends quality time with her family.  It is evident on her blog.  She recently posted about their trip to Disney World.  Amy, you truly are an inspiration to me.  It is an honor to have a small place on your blog.

Here is another Amy who, if you’ve been reading my blog lately, you have heard a lot about.  She doesn’t realize it but she has been sort of a mentor to me in the blogging world.  Go to her blog and you will understand. We met in line at the Blissdom Blog Conference and I am so glad we did!  We hit it off right away and have a lot of interests in common.  She is a young Mother with 2 small children.  I appreciate her genuine sweetness and desire to help.

I met Michelle at a photography workshop last fall in Dallas.  She and her Sister Misti drove to Texas from Idaho.  Michelle gave a wonderful presentation on creating the ideal photograph capture.  She is an exceptionally talented photographer.  She specializes in photographing flowers and scenery.  Love that shot is filled with awesomeness for anyone wanting to learn more about photography.
Thank you again.

Guest Post

My wonderful new blogging friend who I met at my recent blogging conference was gracious enough to invite me to write a post on photography
for her blog: Coffee with the Mrs.
So head over to her blog to meet Amy
and read my first guest post.
Tomorrow I will be sharing photos of our love boxes…
can’t wait to see yours!

Love my job,