I’ve Gone Stocking Crazy!

I finally have CURRENT Christmas decor to share with you.

The only things that are new this year are the Happy Holidays banner I bought at Pottery Barn Outlet last summer {for really cheap} and the beautiful garland that was given to me as a Christmas gift last year {Thank you, Angie, I LOVE it!}  Otherwise, everything is from the attic. 😉

So this is not our normal size Christmas tree.  We have a bigger one, as a matter of fact, it is too big. {Anyone want to trade for a tall skinny tree?}  Anyway, we will be traveling during the holidays and I just didn’t want to put up the big one.  The kids were disappointed, but they are used to it now.  It was either this or nothing.

DH’s stocking has gone missing since our last 2 moves.  Until we find it, he has the smaller one on the left.

I did buy the ‘joy’ ornaments to add this year.  The rest of the ornaments are just a few of our very favorites.

The twig wreath is over 10 years old.  It looked identical to the tiny tree on the left side of the mantel with eucalyptus & berries.  It was beginning to look ragged so I decided to do a ‘downgrade’…I took the eucalyptus & berries off.  I like the simple look.  I kept debating on whether to add a bow, but decided to go all natural.  What do you think?

  I repainted the stocking holder frames with my Chalk Paint to match my barn door shutters I made {read more about that project here.}

I got the stocking fever this year…stockings every where, including my front door!  No wreath this year.

Here is my Santa and grapevine tree on the front porch.

I hope everyone is enJOYing the holiday season.  We are headed to a Church Christmas party tonight…”Christmas in Bethlehem.”  I’ll have to post photos of us all dressed in our ‘Bible Attire’ which is basically us in our robes. He he he…it will be pretty funny.

As always, THANK YOU for coming by!  I always appreciate comments and interacting with my readers.

Your comments keep me blogging. 😀

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Poll Explanation

The kids have been giving me a real hard time because I am not putting up our normal big artificial Christmas tree this year. It is so much trouble to take it out of storage, “fluff” it and decorate it. I am so busy this year with the building of the new house, keeping our current house spotless with it being on the market and Christmas on top of all the normal demands I keep as a wife, mother and Sunday school teacher. I am posting two pictures of what we are using as our Christmas tree this year…it is made out of grapevine & I think it is a very cute tree! The kids just keep belly aching saying, “I can’t believe that you are not going to put up our Christmas tree!”

Am I being a bad mom?

I mean I love traditions and know how important they are to kids. I know the little things are the big things. But in this instance…it is NOT a little thing or task to get that tree out and decorate it. I am just asking for this one year that we use the one we have. A sweet new friend gave it to me and I really do like it. We will have many other Christmas’ to use our “normal,” big Christmas tree.

Let me know your opinion by voting on my poll. Thanks!

Merry Christmas,