Free Halloween Printables & Half Off Christmas Cards

Source: via Shan@ on Pinterest


Here I am sharing Halloween printables because I just ordered some Christmas Cards.

This will be a little weird talking about Halloween & Christmas in the same post, but hey “anything could happen.”  Right?  {Sorry, I had to add the Ellie Goulding song reference}

Paper Coterie is having a SALE on their Holiday Cards.  Just add coupon code HOLIDAYCARDS2012 between now and November 4th to receive 50% OFF!

It pays to plan ahead, huh?

Back to our fast approaching holiday Halloween.  I noticed Paper Coterie was offering these super cute FREE treat bag and bingo printables.  I had to share it with my fabulous readers.

What will your children be dressing up as this Halloween?

Merry Christmas Friends & Family!

Okay, so I sent my Christmas cards out yesterday. Today I realized some of you might receive yours today. I promised a timeline. I only have half of it done right now. It is taking longer than I would like due to my very ancient and slow computer! It is already late after a long day so I will try to finish it tomorrow and add a brief update about everyone. So come back again later and hopefully I will have it here! 🙂

Until then,