Chevron Wreath Crazy

Look what I taught for my craft class on Saturday…
pink and white chevron wreath smaller size

Those are my old pointe ballet shoes, BTW. 😉  I love sharing my passion of dance with my daughter.

pink and white chevron wreath small size

I made this pink and white chevron wreath for my youngest daughter.  We are in the process of redecorating her room.  I surprised her with this little vignette on top of her dresser today.

close up of pink and white chevron wreath

blue and white chevron wreath

I made this blue and white chevron wreath for my oldest daughter to take with her to college.  It’s done in BYU colors of course. 😉  This will be the base for the special graduation mantel I’ll be putting together soon.  Only 17 more days until my first born graduates from high school!  Been super busy preparing for all our family {from out of state} coming to see her graduate and celebrate with us.  Just ordered a pergola and new outdoor furniture for the backyard patio.  {I’ll have to share pics of the furniture in a future post.}  Last year we extended the concrete outside our pool yet it’s sat there all blank and empty.  It’s easier on my nerves to spend a smaller amount of money at a time.  One of these days we’ll have a fence around the perimeter of our house.  The shade from the pergola and new comfy outdoor furniture should be the perfect setting for a family graduation celebration.

close up of blue and white chevron wreath

I know I sound like a broken record…I’m insanely busy…to the point that it’s a miracle my depression hasn’t crept back.  I’m so grateful it hasn’t and pray the overwhelming monster stays away.  The reason I bring this up, yet again, is because I promised I would have a tutorial for this chevron wreath today.  Well, I was lucky to get these photos shot for you.  I hope you don’t mind waiting one more day.  Please…

Please come back tomorrow for the chevron wreath tutorial.


Don’t you just love the chevron pattern,

Recollections & Blessings

This morning it is quiet. {ahhhhhh}

I slept in and so are the kids.  Perfect time to recollect my thoughts about our previous week’s vacation.

My oldest daughter went to a wonderful youth conference at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. It is titled, Especially For Youth {otherwise known as EFY.}  Their theme this year was “Believe. Hope. Endure.”  Last year was her first year to go.  She had such a blast she wanted to return this year.  I gave her the challenge to make straight A’s in school in order to return this year.  I am happy to report she took on that challenge and was successful.

Last summer my 2 girls and I went. DH and Son went to Scout camp the same week.  The boys were jealous of our time in Utah and decided if we were able to return this summer they were going with us.  So thanks to our Southwest Rapid Rewards Visa we were able to get 2 free airline tickets.  Even paying for 3 airline tickets is a hefty price, but much better than 5!  Southwest is the only way to fly.  We can check 2 bags {under 50 lbs.} per person for no extra charge.

One of my best friends ever, who I have known for 19 years now and was my maid of honor, graciously hosted our family. She & her family live in a nearby ‘suburb’ of Provo.  She has 3 children as well.  Her Son and my youngest Daughter are both 8.  She has two girls who are 5 & 3.  They usually all play pretty well together.

The husbands enjoyed a trip to Moab for mountain biking at the beginning of the week. DH posted on Facebook that he was able to cross Moab off his bucket list.

Even though we were on vacation, my friend’s family was not. Her kids were still in their last week of school.  Besides the 2 days to Moab, it was back to work as usual for her Husband.  Unfortunately, her middle child broke out with Chicken Pox at the beginning of the week too.  This sort of put a kink in us all being able to go and do stuff together.  Chicken Pox is very contagious.  {Hopefully our children’s immunizations will protect them from getting it as well.}

All that aside, we were still able to enjoy our time there. I took the kids to a very cool place that was filled with trampolines.  My Son enjoyed their climbing wall and falling into foam.  The kids got air soft guns and enjoyed shooting at the target.  The weather was perfect, about 70 during the day…more like Spring than Summer.  Funny thing…there is still snow on their mountains.

Thanks to DH, my friend and I were pampered with much needed pedicures and massages. Ahhhhhhh 😀

My favorite day was Friday. In the morning, hubby & I went to the Provo Temple.  Later, the girls and I got gussied up, had a small photo shoot, shopped and met the boys at a restaurant for dinner.  {The boys played a game of laser tag.}  After dinner, the hubby’s took the kids so bestie & I could attend a rooftop concert series featuring one of my favorite singers, Mindy Gledhill.  Remember the video I featured with the sweet family jumping on a bed?  The music in the video is Mindy Gledhill.

Overall, something very interesting came from this vacation.  My husband told a friend last night he realized from this vacation that he is spoiled.  I was incredibly shocked by his epiphany.

Now the kids are up.  I need to read my scriptures, start a load of laundry, clean up broken glass from a picture that fell while we were gone and empty suitcases.  🙂  I missed everyone!  Happy Monday!

Glad to be back,