Vintage Bridal Shower Part Two

Tandy's Insant PhotobookWelcome back to the vintage themed bridal shower I helped host for my dear friend, Tandy.

Today I will feature all the goodies we served.  My other two sweet hostesses were the amazing chefs who made and prepared the food for the shower.  It was a good way to divide the tasks.  I was in charge of the invitations (which I will be sharing with you in a future post) and the decorations.

My Happy Helper

My Happy Helper

I must mention how grateful I am for my sweet 10 year old daughter who helped me clean the house before the party.  She mopped the kitchen, breakfast area, mudroom, laundry room, and 2 bathrooms for me.  I was so thankful for her being a happy helper.

The gorgeous book to the left is Tandy’s Instant Photo Book.  I asked her to bring it so we could have it out as decoration.  The book will soon be filled with photos from her beautiful wedding day.  I remember her telling me she bought it from a store on ETSY.  I have a feeling I will need to get the name of the shop…you want to know don’t you?

On to the treats!

Vintage Bridal Shower Refreshment Table

I was so excited to use the china my parents gave me along with platters and pretty formal serving pieces.  Don’t you just love the milk glass cake stand my Oma gave me?  I adore the holes for ribbon.  Not sure if the holes were intended for ribbon to be weaved through them or not, but I sure love dressing it up that way.  The cake almost didn’t make it.  The bottom tier was made with fresh strawberries while the top tier was made with fresh pineapple.  It was nice and moist (extremely delicious) which made it slide around during transit.  We were happy (and relieved) the cake made it here whole and together.

Vintage bridal shower cake

cake close up

Vintage Bridal Shower food table

fruit in waffle shell

The above chocolate dipped cones with fruit were a huge hit!  Brenda, one of the hostesses, is an art teacher (she was my oldest daughter’s art teacher.)  I’m thinking her skills came in handy, don’t you think?

chalkboard tags whipped cream

Tandy’s mom, Carri, the other hostess, made fresh whipped cream for the fruit. (above photo) {I added the chalkboard tag ;)}

veggies in bread

Look at how Brenda arranged the veggies above.  She hollowed out pieces of bread and carefully arranged the vegetables.  They are like little vases of colorful flowers.  I’m extremely impressed with her masterpiece below.  It’s practically a work of Van Gogh how she arranged the cheese and grapes with celery.

food like a sunflower

spinach dip in bread bowl

Carri made the yummy spinach dip above and served it in a bread bowl. {excuse the way the spoon is sticking out…my bad}

french macaroons

At the last minute I decided to order some French macaroons.  I’ve seen them served at showers on Pinterest.  We found a French bakery in Tulsa.  These little pastries made me gain 5 pounds! {Well, those and all the leftover cake left at my house.}  The macaroons are colorful, pretty and delicious bites from heaven.  Oh and a little warning…the blue ones made our teeth blue…so don’t look too closely at our teeth in pics.

macaroon close up

We also served sausage meatballs (thanks to Tandy’s Dad,) pinwheels (cream cheese & veggie concoction rolled up in tortilla) {bummed I didn’t get a pic of those}, salsa, crackers and veggie chips.  Carri made yummy raspberry lemonade to drink with all our treats.

other hosts

Carri & Brenda looking at Instant Photo Book

famous couples bridal shower gift

One of our creative friends made this for Tandy

bride to be and her mom

Carri & Tandy

the bride to be

Isn’t she a beautiful bride to be?

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Showers bring joy,

Vintage Bridal Shower Part One

Between the blasted heartbleed virus, busy life and editing pictures I’m a little late in posting this.  I apologize.  As a matter of fact, I’m still weeding through which photos I want to share.  I’m down to 42 out of almost 200 photos taken.  Instead of weeding through them again, (and postponing another day) I decided I would split them up.  This post will be the decorations, while tomorrow’s post will be the food table.

You will find I was able to make most of my decorations…

Welcome to my friend’s Vintage Bridal Shower (hosted in our home.)

Vintage Bridal Shower Front Porch

The shower sign you see used to be a shelf in one of my kid’s bedrooms.  I shopped in my attic and found the wood board calling my name, “use me!”  I sanded it a bit and used the chalkboard spray paint to paint one side.  I have to confess I don’t draw letters this pretty.  I used my Cricut to make the letters and traced them with chalk.  I liked the idea of using the board as a sign on my front porch.  I can erase the chalk after the shower and write another word for whatever occasion I want.

Front door wreath:

vintage bridal shower wreath

This wreath was made from a pool noodle.  I recycled a soft old blanket that had a whole in it by cutting it up in strips and hot gluing them on the noodle.  I made the blue flower with the blanket and hot glued the buttons on to the center.  I made the pinwheel out of kraft paper.  The wood fan in the background is one of the party favors we gave the guests.

Come on in to the foyer.

side view of table scape

I finally painted the heirloom desk given to me by my Oma.  I used my favorite paint, Annie Sloan Chalk paint in old white.  The shower helped motivate me to breathe new life into this desk.  I temporarily (for the shower) placed it in the foyer to use as a welcome table.  I made the ticket garland by sewing the tickets together.  I hot glued one of the girls old locker chandeliers which was sitting in my garage to the top of the old suitcase.  The veil was mine.  Tandy’s mom was one of the shower hostesses and she brought Tandy’s card box she plans to use at the wedding as well as their engagement photo.

Vintage Bridal Shower tablescape

bridal shower chalkboard sign

To the right of the foyer is the dining room.

heart garland with pom bouquet

paper heart garland

I made this heart garland with my paper heart punch.  Placed 2 hearts together and sewed them together one after another.  I used scrapbook paper with her colors of coral, turquoise, cream and browns intermixed with (actual) map and music paper for a vintage feel.  When it’s finished you fold back the hearts to give it dimension and voila!  I think this was my favorite garland I made.  I bunched several paper poms together to make a sort of pom bouquet to hang down from the ceiling.

pom bouquet

circle garland on china cabinet

In the foyer to the left you see:

flowers for vintage bridal shower

I made the below garlands.  Sewed circles together for the top.  The bottom pom garland was made from tulle and tied onto cord.

homemade bridal shower garlands

pom garland close up

Both of the above garlands were hanging in the foyer and you saw them as soon as you walked in.

Living Room:

bridal shower gifts

Gifts Table

Vintage Bridal Shower Mantel with burlap bunting

I shopped from home for most of what you see here on this mantel.  If you’ve been reading for a while you will recognize many of the items.  I did find the coral candle holder and vase at my favorite local discount store Walls.  The Precious Moments couple was on my wedding cake.  I added some scrabble tiles spelling the bride and grooms names onto the old type setting drawer.  I have a close up of their names on Instagram (@familybringsjoy)  I found the blue hanging pails at Hobby Lobby.  The white flower bouquet is also from Hobby Lobby.  I forgot what the live pink flowers are called in the other blue pail.  I bought the burlap bunting at Hobby Lobby, but I cut out the big letters using my Cricut and the small letters using my QuicKutz.

WARNING: The following garland might shock you:

panty garland

The panty garland was hung in between the living room and kitchen.  I thought it was a cute idea and added some great conversation to the shower.  Tandy was happy to take the pretty undies with her.

bride to be with panty garland

In between the living room and breakfast room:

circle garland

I kind of went crazy making the circle garland, but I think it added a special touch.

Me with the beautiful Bride to be:

Host and Bride to be

I had so much fun crafting all the decorations for Tandy’s bridal shower. Feel free to pin away and share this post with everyone.  I hope this shower will inspire many more for future celebrations.  Thank you for joining us!  If you have a question, please email me or ask in the comment section of this post.  Only 11 more days until the wedding Tandy!  Come back tomorrow for all of the food we shared. 😀

Celebrating with friends brings joy,