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My friend, Laura, from Our House of Joyful Noise is guest posing today on Family Brings Joy:

3 All-American Treats

4th of July will be here soon.  I thought I would share 3 very easy red, white & blue treats, that are perfect ideas for your all-American weekend celebrations and gatherings.


This is more than an easy, refreshing, cool treat. It’s a decoration, and a festive item on the menu your family and/or guests will be impressed with!

All you do is cut the watermelon in 1/2 the long way, completely cut up one half into thin (about 3/8″) slices, and cut out stars with any star shaped cookie cutters!  I had stars in 3 sizes.   With the other 1/2 of the watermelon, scoop it out as much as a whole piece as you can.  You should then be able to cut that into a few more slices too, and get more stars out of it.

When the 2nd half is all scooped out, you use it as your bowl for all of the stars!

I put a few stars on bamboo forks, to stand up.  You can also use skewers, if you lop off the very sharp end, and cut them to a good size. I stuck some stars on sticks, into the bowl edge/rind, and even stuck in other pieces in the bowl.  Kids love them on a stick!  I had some on a stick too.
So put some star-spangle in your summer!

Red, White & Blue Fruit Parfait

Here’s another fresh idea, I pulled from our archives.

It couldn’t be any simpler to make:
1) Rinse some strawberries and blueberries in the sink.
Last year, since our strawberry bed was new, we had to use store bought berries. But this year, with our strawberries established, we’ll be getting them from our garden!

2) De-stem and slice the strawberries.

3)  Go through the blueberries real quick , just to make sure there are no smooshy ones, : ) , and also take off any tiny stems still on.

4)  Get out your can of Redi-Whip.

5) In clear cups, layer strawberries, whip cream, blueberries, and more whip cream on the top.

It’s perfect ‘light-little-something’ to hold every one over until dinner.  Or have it breakfast!  Or dessert!
Sprinkle some Grape-Nuts cereal, or granola, on the top, for some crunch!
Simple. Pretty. Tasty.
And simply pretty tasty.

American Sparkle Cone

This one is an ordinary treat, with a couple special twists.

Scoop some vanilla or chocolate chip ice cream, onto a sugar cone.  Sprinkle on some red and blue sugar crystals.

What kid…..errrr, ….person….doesn’t love ice cream?  Nothing creates quiet, like ice cream cones,….on a warm day.  Know what I’m saying?  Silence I tell you. ; )   Just a whole lot of rapid licking going on!
I’m full of tricks.   And I’m not afraid to use them!
Here was a surprise, no one was expecting….

I put an upside down Hershey Kiss, in the bottom of the cone.   Because I’m the coolest mom on earth. ; P

(Not counting yourself, of course.)

As they were out on the deck, licking up a storm, Michael was peeking out the window at them. I said, “What are you doing?”  He answered….”I don’t want to miss it when they get the Hershey Kiss in the bottom.”  I said…”Are you kidding?  We’ll HEAR it, when they find the Hershey Kiss.”

Sure enough, the whole neighborhood heard their cheers!

I hope these ideas add a little eatin’ fun to your celebrations!  I know when I think of long summer-like weekends, I think of FOOD.  Ohhh….just add some protein and veggies here and there, and you’ll be all set too!


Thank you Laura for these 3 beautiful and appetizing ideas!  Isn’t her photography gorgeous?!  I think so. 🙂  All of her info is below, including her Tuesday Link Up party.

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"That magazine didn’t work."

This morning as I was helping my 1st grader get ready for school, I noticed her unruly hair and realized she should have taken a bath last night. I told her I forgot to remind her it was her bath night (it was a crazy night with my son being sick). She exclaimed, “That magazine didn’t work.” I was confused and asked her what she meant. “The blueberries, Mom…they were wrong. It didn’t help.”

She’s right again. Maybe I just need to eat MORE of them. 🙂

On my way to take my Son to the clinic to be tested for the flu. He had fever late Saturday and all day Sunday. Hopefully it is short lived like A’s was last weekend. We are leaving this Thursday to go to NYC to see my DH run in the NYC marathon. The last thing we need is for him to have the flu or for any of the rest of us to get sick, especially Husband. Prayers & Lysol are all we can do at this point.

Happy Monday,


Yesterday I kept my first grader home from school. She had some fever both Saturday and Sunday. Fortunately she was back to normal on Monday, but wanted to keep her home as a precaution. We had leftovers for lunch. We were sitting there together at the table and I was looking at Better Homes & Gardens while we were eating. I noticed this article about how blueberries are supposed to help you with memory cells in your brain. I told her I needed to buy some. She just laughed. Well, a few hours later we were out the door to run an errand before picking up the kids from school…I forgot my keys; but locked the door to the house. So we were locked out of the house & no keys to get in the car. After making a call (I had my purse and thankfully my cell phone also) to my very understanding husband, she looks at me with a very straight face & says, “Mom, I think you do need to buy some of those blueberries.” Guess what I bought at the store today, yes, BLUEBERRIES!

Have a muffin,