My Grown Up Christmas List

This weekend the topic of Christmas gifts was brought up in our home.

Honestly, I dread the commercialism of Christmas.


I think it gets worse and worse every year.

If we are Christians, we are supposed to be celebrating our Savior’s birth and thinking of Him.  I’m not sure who came up with the idea of giving each other gifts on Christ’s birthday.  I wonder what Christ thinks about the way we celebrate His birthday?  To me, it seems it has become a “what can I get” holiday rather than what can I give…at least in my home.

I was rather disgusted hearing my kids discuss what they wanted for Christmas with their Dad.  I suggested we GIVE to charity or others instead of receiving gifts for ourselves.  Yeah, that went over like a lead balloon.

DH asked what I wanted for Christmas, saying he needs some ideas.  I told him I wanted nothing.  It’s true I don’t want something that money can buy, instead I would graciously receive the following:

All I want for Christmas is…

well mannered, grateful and respectful children

lots of comments on my blog posts that I spend hours creating

weekly date night with my husband

to leave the room and not worry my Son is going to beat up my Daughters

have clear skin {no acne}

kids & husband put their belongings in their “home”

a good friend {where I live}

a Son who is not continually negative and contentious

husband to spend less time on his phone

organized home

children who don’t want to watch TV all the time

children who love to serve & will do chores without whining

There it is.  I would take any of the above gifts and treasure them every day and not just on Christmas.  Think about it.  Do you remember what you got last Christmas?  Do things bring us happiness?  Can we take things with us when we die?

My teenage daughter is asking for an iPhone.  I want to know how many of you parents have bought your child an iPhone or smart phone and pay for the monthly internet charge?

Sorry, but this is one of those days when I need to vent…one of those and sometimes other emotions post.

Yep, I’m murmuring {it happens},