Kids Back to School 2012 Fall Fashions

Kid's Back to School 2012

I was hoping to feature some of the kids 2012 fashion trends for back to school today.

Either I have horrible search keywords or there isn’t much being posted on this matter.  {Probably the first.}

Sigh…yes, I know this is a great idea.  {Once again I’ll be giving a great post idea that will be done and noticed on a massive blog without any credit to little ole me.  Sorry, I’m feeling snarky today.}

My kids are returning to school in 10 days.  {I’m not really counting down.  I just counted the days on the calendar for this post.}  But, I have to say I am ready.

I’m ready for some uninterrupted time alone.

I’m ready to have time without my kids arguing.

Back to the original topic at hand…the dreaded back to school shopping.

I guess it’s much like Christmas, it’s fun for the kids and not so much fun for the parents.

If you live in the South like I do, it’s still SUMMER weather.  So all the ‘fall’ fashions can’t be worn for a good 2 months or so after school begins.  Plus, how do you know what’s ‘IN’ before you go to school?

I can remember countless times buying a wardrobe before school started only to realize a week into school I was ‘out’ in regards to fashion.  Being the independent free spirit that I am, it didn’t always bother me, but my kids are more peer impressionable.  They want to wear the latest trends and styles.  That’s okay too, but what’s in where we live may not be what’s in where you live.  {I never have understood this.}

So, I will resort to what I have done in the past.  I will buy one new outfit for the first day of school.  Then we will wait a month or so before purchasing jeans and other clothing.  Oh how I wish my kid’s schools had uniforms.  It would make my life so much easier.

Above is my first Polyvore board {so no major criticizing, please} with some items I think my kids would like for school.

What about you?

What do you do for back to school wardrobe issues?

Let the madness begin,