I just found out that Once Upon A Family, my home based business that I am a consultant for, is going out of business. I guess I shouldn’t be too shocked with the way things are right now. I haven’t been ‘working’ the business for the past year because of building our home. The products created by Once Upon A Family will be sorely missed. They have impacted my own family in a very positive way. If you have ever wanted any of these beautiful & inspiring products, you have until June 30th to order on my website: After June 30th, you will no longer be able to order any products. My most cherished and favorite products are the following:

  • The Family Tree
  • Dear Sweet Child Letter Box
  • Family Tree Booklets
  • Dates with Dad Journal
  • Our Time Together Journal
  • Grandparents Journals

It is sad to say goodbye to another chapter of my life that brings fond memories.

Once Upon a Consultant (for Once Upon a Family),



  1. I don't know how i ended up here…funny how you jump around blogs and end up somewhere…and then i read this post!! I just heard about this!! i'm so sorry to hear… I LOVE the products. As a fellow DS consultant (cherish Bound) i send hugs. Good luck in your next adventure! ;o)

  2. I learned a few months later after posting this that Once Upon A Family still exists as a website, but no longer employs consultants as a home based business. You can find them at

    Tara, thank you for the sweet words! 🙂

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