Perspective, Planning and Preparation

before we began

A change in your perspective can make a HUGE difference in your family. At the beginning of last week I told you about our decision to stay home for Spring Break.

In the recent past {say the last 3-4 years} I would have looked at this as torture. My kids don’t get along very well.  There it is.  I am admitting it.  I am being vulnerable by sharing how my family is indeed NOT perfect.  All three kids are in completely different stages in their life.  Honestly, for a while I had sort of given up on my dream of having a joyous family.  It seemed every time I would think things were going to be great, they wouldn’t.  Instead, we would have kids bickering and quarreling.  So, subconsciously I decided, what’s the point?  What’s the point in trying if it’s going to be a disaster?  I didn’t truly realize I had been thinking this until reevaluating last weeks Spring Break.

LOTS of soil

Last week was one of the most enjoyable Spring Breaks with my children.  It hasn’t been perfect, by any means.  Sure there was the usual, “Mom, he did this and she did that.”  There was still the whining and back talk…but not as much.  So I asked myself, why do you feel this way?  What is different?  I am here to tell you, it had everything to do with the three P’s: perspective, planning and preparation.



My perspective about Spring Break was completely different than my deadbeat counter part.  I made the decision to make the best of this week for my kids.  Let’s rewind a bit.  I think my change of outlook or “awakening” began the week my children were home from school for snow days.  During that time, I consciously decided I was going to make the most of the time my children & I had to spend together.  I didn’t worry so much about chores.  I thought of things we could do together and we did them.


This leads me to the planning part.  This is as simple as thinking about ideas of what we could do.  During snow week I thought of us building a snowman together.  I thought it would be fun if the girls and I played spa and did each others nails.  I thought about certain crafts we could do together, etc.  It’s basically a brainstorming session of what I thought I would enjoy doing as well as something they would enjoy too.  This is exactly what I did for Spring Break.  I knew the kids have been wanting to do a vegetable garden for a long time.  Why not now?

Work, work, work


In regards to the garden, I did a little research online about a family vegetable garden.  Each child chose some vegetables or fruits they wanted.  We decided together how it should be mapped out and I printed out our plans & supplies.  Monday we went shopping and bought the majority of our supplies.  Tuesday we put together the cedar boards for our above ground garden.  {We ended up making it bigger than we had planned.}  Next, we filled the bed with top soil, compost, planting soil and fertilizer.  Wednesday we took a break from the garden.  Thursday we set up a soaker hose & planted the seeds that could be planted in the ground {cucumbers, peas & peppers}.  We found out many needed to be started indoors or could not be planted until next month.  Preparation was KEY, not just in preparing of supplies and physically, but also mentally.  I mentally prepared myself for this task with my children. {Not to mention MANY prayers being offered}

Without changing my perspective, without planning and preparation, this week would have been a disaster.  Instead, it was filled with special times.  Special times filled with my youngest saying, “this is so much fun, Mom.”  Special times filled with good conversation, meals and love.

I am reminded, again, that joy doesn’t just happen.  You have to cultivate it with the 3 P’s.

our new vegetable garden {without the fence}


{I joined the pity party at Thirty Handmade Days}
Peas are good for you too,


  1. I am so proud of you, Shannon! This is a great post also. I love you, Mom

  2. Very grateful for your support, Mom. I love you too! 😉

  3. I absolutely love your veggie garden idea! Unfortunately, our house is in the woods, and in spring time you can hardly go there because of all the moskitos !

    • I HATE mosquitoes! Seriously! One of the first things I am going to ask God when I meet him will be WHY He created those pests. We are dealing with deer and roaming animals because we don’t have a fence up yet. But like my Mom always said, where there’s a will, there’s a way. Maybe you could do some indoor or patio potted veggies? Thank you for visiting. I am completely in “like” with your blog! Look forward to chatting again with you in the future. 🙂

  4. I’m soooooo glad you posted about what you did during spring break. Our break isn’t until the middle of April and I am already dreading the fact that we, too are staying home. I already went crazy on the one day they had off last week! Ill have to keep in mind your 3 p’s and remember that chores will always be there the next day,—memories and time spent with children/family won’t. I enjoyed seeing your work for your garden. I think that’s a great idea and yes the kids always enjoy planting and playing in the dirt. You gave me a great idea about having the kids help get our garden prepped and maybe plant our cold weather seeds. (yes, its still freezing here, we have one day of nice 50 degree weather and then boom, the next 3-4 days it’s back to the 30’s) We are sooooo ready for spring to come. Chad has been very busy and we haven’t been able to enjoy the snow as much this year as we have in past years. Love ya!

    • Sheri, yes, chores can always wait…respectively speaking. On Thursday of Spring Break {it was beginning to look a little scary around here} I announced we were all going to clean up a bit. The reward would be a trip to Sherman for dinner at Red Lobster and shopping {huge treat for us, we have very little shopping places here.} This motivated everyone to get it done and have something fun to look forward to. I am sure you have LOTS of cool things you could do there compared to here. If we had a museum here I would take them there. We also took the kids to the movies on Saturday. I hope it warms up real soon for y’all! By the way, your garden is amazing! You most definitely inspired us to go ahead and try a garden before we have a fence up. Next time we come I want to take lots of photos of it and post it on here {with your permission.} Avery wrote your kiddos a letter last night. I will drop it in the mail today. 😀


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