Out with the old…

and in with the NEW! Finally ordered my new running shoes! Too many miles on my old ones. After you run in a pair of running shoes for about 300 miles (which doesn’t take long if you are training for a half-marathon) or so the shoes begin to break down and don’t offer the support you need.

The RIGHT kind of running shoes for your feet are VITAL to injury free running.
They are worth every penny to keep you pain free.

Last (old) Pair: Asics GT-2140

New Pair: Asics GT-2160

If you are considering running/jogging make sure you have good running shoes. Whenever I hear someone tell me they can’t run because it makes their knees or legs hurt, I automatically share the following information with them. Go to a Running Store to be fitted. Foot Locker, Academy or any other shoe store will not do. They are not trained in fitting you for running shoes. In addition, those store’s versions of running shoes are not made as well as the ones you will find at Running Stores. Believe me, I have learned this by experience.

I like Fleet Feet, but you might have a local privately owned running store close to you. You can find one by clicking here for Runner’s World’s store finder by state. A Running Shoe Store will look at your feet. Plus, bring in your old running shoes for them to look at as well. Your old shoes will clue them in on how your feet hit the ground. They will watch how you walk and sometimes video how you run on a treadmill. This is very important to insure your success in running. Go ahead and purchase your shoes at that store.

Then when you are ready for your next pair go to RoadRunnerSports.com or call them at 800-551-5558. They are awesome! Everyone who works there is a runner. Their Customer Service is beyond exemplary and they will help you find the updated version of your previous pair of running shoes. In addition to their good prices, they will let you try your shoes out for up to 90 days. If the shoes are uncomfortable, you are experiencing pain or whatever the reason, you can return them for free and receive a refund, credit or exchange.

Get 15% off your $75 order when you use this friends-only offer at RoadRunnerSports. com

Running…cheaper than therapy,

P.S.: All of the above shoe information applies to walkers as well as runners.


  1. That is just fascinating about the shoes. I found a store near my job and they have people run on treadmills and try out the shoes first. I never knew so much went into finding a good shoe. I’m definitely in the market for a good pair of running shoes and this has been super helpful. Thank you!
    Sarah K. recently posted..Gained a pound, not giving up.


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