New Show to Record!

Well, I couldn’t get the video to embed on my site. So here is the link

This show is called Family Armor on TLC.

“A docuseries (launching Nov. 19 at 10 pm) that follows two Mormon brothers-in-law who own and operate Texas Armoring Corp. — the world’s leading supplier of armored passenger vehicles and bulletproof cars — has all the family drama and awesome gearhead action you’ve come to expect from TLC.”

It’s about time they make a reality show based on the lives of real members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in a place other than Utah (& in my home state, too!) This way maybe people will see what we are really like and not compare us to the fundamentalist groups who broke off from our church. Finally, something else to look forward to watching every week. My list of shows has been dwindling down. Three cheers for TLC! I will pray that this family will stay true to our beliefs and not let the “fame” of the show change who they are.

Set Your DVR’s,

P.S. : If you watch the show, I would love to hear your comments! 🙂


  1. we don't watch, but kris knows them. served on his mission with one of the brother's wives.

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