More New Pics of House

These are the latest pics of the house. I am super excited about how the craft room is coming along. See if you can figure out which room that is. Building is starting to “ware” on me though. I feel like all I do is sleep/dream, and think about this house. There are endless amounts of choices and even though it is considered a custom home, there are many things that the builder ends up telling me, “you can’t do that.” It drives me crazy. I really don’t know how anyone would want to do this again. It is A LOT OF WORK! If my children are reading this…know that your mom is only going to be this way until the house is built. I just keep telling myself that this will all be worth it after we move in. I know they tire of hearing, “I’m going to the house, be back soon.”

Again, please pray for us…our old home we live in now will be SO COLD without electricity!

Good Night,

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  1. the house looks great!!! I can’t wait til it’s done!!!!!

  2. Suzanne,
    Thanks…You and me both! 🙂

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