Mama Mia!

I finally saw Mama Mia last night. I am a huge ABBA fan and wanted to see it at the movie theater but didn’t make it. My husband was not thrilled about watching it but said, “I would rather spend time watching Mama Mia with you than watching the Tour of California (bike race) alone.” That was a miracle in itself, as he has been glued to watching that race as soon as he gets home from work. So we were watching the previews and he says to me, “did you know this movie has ABBA’s music in it?” I laughed and told him of course I knew that. It was one of the reasons I wanted to watch it.

I wondered how well Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan (sp?…u know who I’m talking about) and all the other actors in the movie would be able to pull it off…the singing. I was kind of worried they would ruin the great music of ABBA. Fortunately, I was wrong and they did surprisingly well. Another surprise was how funny parts were. I know if my Mom, my Sister, Carrie & I watched it together we would be laughing out loud together. The storyline went very well with the music. I really enjoyed it and of course I sang along to all the songs. Hubby said, “I know all these songs.” He downloaded all my music on his ipod one time and I had the Best of ABBA in my library. So he had been listening to ABBA on his ipod while training for his marathon. (he he he, I was secretly preparing him for Mama Mia and I didn’t even know it! 🙂 ) I know he liked it more than he thought he would. Two reasons: 1) He didn’t fall asleep…he always falls asleep during movies. 2) The comments he made during the movie. He would never admit he liked it though. Most men don’t want to admit they would like a ‘chick flick’

Besides the music, my most favorite part of the movie was the scenery. Ahhhhhh…it was breathtakingly beautiful. It was filmed in Greece and the ocean water is heavenly blue. It almost made me want to put Greece on my list of places to visit. I miss the ocean so much.

Anyway, I think it’s a keeper. What I mean by that is I think I’m going to have to purchase a bluray copy after we get our bluray player. This musical ranks up there with Grease for me. Okay, I’ll close my review now. 🙂

Happy Friday,

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