If you know me, I love to save money when it comes to shopping. Some people may enjoy bragging about how much money they spent on a product, not me, I’m the exact opposite! I like to “brag” about how much money I have saved…what a great deal I got for something.

So I was just looking for a pair of new cardio dance shoes for my new workout routine. ~Side note: it is imperative to have the best shoes for the activity you are engaging in. It makes all the difference and protects your feet & body from injury.~

Back to saving money…after doing some review reading and research I made my way over to my favorite money saving website: This website gives you money back on purchases for thousands of websites. I was excited to find out they sent me a check just a few days ago for $60.94. I should see it in the mail any day now. For 2009 I received a total of $112.36! Woohoo!!! So you want to get money back also? All you do is click here and join. It doesn’t take too long and it’s worth the small amount of time you put in.

My rebate for the dance shoes was $3.60. Not too much, but it all adds up over time. Plus I saved money ($8 shipping charge) on shipping by going to That’s a total of $11.60 saved!

Bargains are my thing,

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