In Remembrance of My Opa

Friday morning I received the news that my Opa (Grandfather) had passed from this life. Sunday there was a visitation held at the funeral home. We greeted many friends and family members there. Monday morning a limousine picked us up and we drove to the cemetery for the graveside service.

I am so grateful for this beautiful military service to honor my Opa. He served in both the Navy and the Air force. It was such a surreal experience. I knew I was there, but almost felt as if I was watching a movie.
Upon returning back to their home, I was able to look through his Bible. As I turned through the pages I found papers and pictures throughout that he kept. I was reminded of just how special my Opa was. I knew he loved me and my family. But as I found each of my children’s birth announcements I was immediately filled with an outpouring of love. It meant so much to me to see those there. I also found this quote he wrote:

“I know of no more deadly state of mind than the one in which I become preoccupied with possessions. Every time I start comparing my house, clothes, car, income against those of my friends, I feel my personality twisting into a deformity. There will always be those who will do better than I and those who will not, and no other fact could be more irrelevant to life’s meaning.”

How very true! His legacy will live on.

God Be With You Until We Meet Again,



  1. that was a great entry. it made a great start to my day. sometimes i worry that i will have an awful day because i’m so preoccupied with the worldly things that i have to do. it was nice to be reminded that they don’t matter like the eternal and family aspect of life matters. i know it’s hard for you right now, but thanks for sharing, it made my day brighter 🙂 with love, E

  2. Oh Shannon, how difficult to lose a grandparent! I’ve lost two of mine, and it was extremely painful…and I still miss them! I pray that you and your family will be comforted during this time! What special memories you have of him…and the things you found in his Bible are priceless!

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