"I am not my body"

This morning I began my routine upon arriving home from dropping off my daughter to school. DH is wonderful and takes the two older ones on his way to work. I took my medicine and turned on the computer. I like to listen to the Mormon Channel while getting ready & doing chores to keep me spiritually minded. I pulled up the site to find a new video. I noticed it was about Stephanie Nielson. Her & her husband were in a terrible plane crash not too long ago and were severely burned. She is famous in the blogging world. She had many readers or “followers” before the crash occurred. Unfortunately, I was not one of them. I only was made aware of her amazing blog because of her accident.

My heart is over bursting with gratitude for her. She has taken something so incredibly horrible and made it into something beautiful & wonderful. I feel sadness when I see how much her appearance has changed. It doesn’t last long as I hear her speak of this trial and see her inner strength and beauty. God loves each and every one of us, no matter what we look like on the outside. Furthermore, I am certain he looks at our inside the most. What are we thinking? Is our heart in the right place? Watching this video and reading her blog will answer these questions with a resounding “YES!” for Stephanie Nielson.

I am thankful our Church spotlighted Stephanie during this Mother’s Day week. She is a wonderful mother and a phenomenal example of triumphing life’s struggles & trials. Her life has touched me. How can you NOT reevaluate your own life and blessings while learning about hers?

Count your blessings,

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