Home Service Scavenger Hunt

Two Saturday’s ago I woke up with one of the greatest ideas to motivate my kids to WORK! I thought it was worth sharing. It was a HUGE success with my two youngest; while my oldest still moaned and complained. (that’s teenagers for ya!) I was trying to make it fun for them so they wouldn’t complain and whine. I printed out the following for each of my children:

Home Service Scavenger Hunt

1. Your Room: find 5 toys or groups of toys that you no longer play with.
2. In your bathroom: find 10 items that are trash or you no longer use.
3. Clothes: find 5 articles of clothes you no longer wear.
4. Basement: find 5 items that are yours that you don’t want anymore.
5. Garage: find 5 items that don’t belong in the garage.
6. Lawn: Fill one Walmart bag with dandelions.
7. BOX: Pack one box of your things to be moved.

I need to see these items and when you have finished you will receive a prize of your choosing. This is NOT a competition, everyone will win something upon completion.

I wrote out 3 choices of prizes for each child. For example, coupon to go to the movies, coupon for toy at store ($10 or less.) I thought it would keep the kids busy all day long while my husband and I cleaned out our basement. Instead, the youngest ones were done in about an hour! I was so happy to see my kids being happy helpers. My youngest said it was so much fun she wanted to do it the next Saturday. I hope this brings happiness to another Mom 🙂

Happy Hunting,


  1. That’s awesome! I LOVE it!!! What a great mom you are! =) Talk to you soon! (Check your fb if you haven’t seen my note yet.)

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