Happy Birthday Dad!

It’s hard to believe this photo was taken over 18 years ago.

For many reasons, but mainly because my Dad looks about the same.


What is it about men and their anti aging?

Even though I have definitely aged {and by looking at this photo it SHOWS,} I am grateful for my ‘youthful’ genes I have inherited from both sides of my family.

I’ve been doing some major photo organization lately.  I mean of actual photos, not digital photo files…you know before digital photos, the ones you touch and hold made out of paper?

Yes, I’m again dating myself.

I have LOTS of those and it’s time to really get my act together, so I can prepare a slideshow and scrapbook for my oldest Daughter’s graduation in the Spring.

Anyway, I came across this photo of me and my Dad at my wedding and felt impressed to share it today in honor of him.

It really sucks his Birthday is on September 11th.  {Don’t worry Dad, I won’t divulge the year}

Today is such a somber day commemorating the terrorist attack.

I want my Dad’s Birthday to be a day of celebration and happiness for him….just like the day this photo was taken of us at my wedding.

This is his first Birthday since he was deemed cancer free.  I’m so grateful to have him in my life still.

So, I dedicate this post to you, Dad.

I love you, Dad and I celebrate YOU today!  Happy Birthday!

P.S.: Your Birthday gift is in the mail. 😉

Father’s Bring Joy,


  1. Thanks! Great picture! You were, & still are, so BEAUTIFUL! Love you loads!! 🙂

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