Happy Birthday Brother!

Yesterday was my brother’s birthday. This is for you brother! (Yesterday I was recovering from the half marathon…pain, please forgive me!)

I hope you had a great day, but more importantly I hope you have a great year! I have a good feeling this year will be a turning point in your life. Turning 30 is not such a bad thing. What is it with men and year milestones!? 🙂 I am so excited about your decision to go to college full time! I know you can do it! If I did it, you can too! We’ll discuss this more at Thanksgiving. Your thirst for knowledge in your area of expertise will be quenched at a university and will bring you much joy. Not only that, it will bring many opportunities for you to meet that special someone who you’ll marry. Then you can have the children you have always wanted and make me an aunt! 🙂 I am ready to hold some little babies again, you know the kind I can love on and then return to you. 🙂 (You know we are done with having kids.)
Anyway, remember that you are at this stage in your life because it is where you are supposed to be. You are who you are because of what you have experienced till today. Don’t think about what might have been, only think about what blessings you have today. I know the future you want is attainable and within your grasp. I believe in you and love you tremendously! Don’t give up, keep forging ahead despite whatever obstacles come in your path.
Your Sister,
P.S.: I love that picture of you and your niece!

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