Eternal Priorities

In the mornings I make an effort to read from the scriptures accompanied by prayer. I find if I do, my day will go much smoother. It is also my way of showing Heavenly Father I am trying to put Him first in my life. (I went many years without putting Him first) On days when I think, “I’m too busy, I have too many things to do, God will understand;” my day is a mess. It never fails. I feel lost and don’t get as much accomplished.

I co-teach (we take turns alternating Sundays) Sunday school at my church. This encourages wonderful study. It has been a huge blessing in my life. I love to learn the ways of Christ. Since I wasn’t teaching this week, I decided to pick up a book I’ve had for a while & haven’t read.

The title is ‘Not My Will, but Thine’ by Neal A. Maxwell. In just the first chapter I have felt exhilarated by his words. There were so many deep & poignant quotes, I had to get my highlighter out and begin to highlight them.

My favorite thus far:

“Obedience to God is really what makes the flowering of the full self possible. Otherwise-if every individual does only that which is right in his own eyes, unconnected with a sure standard of measure-the outcome will be sadness.” (Judges 21:25:D&C 1:16)

I hope I am not coming across as self-righteous. That is not my intention at all. This is an entry I probably should have put in my personal journal instead of on my blog. However, I wanted to share my thoughts with others who might could benefit from them.

Keep on learning,


  1. Hey Shannon! Thanks for sharing! This was an inspiring post. I try to do the same thing in the mornings, and although I have been better lately, I am certainly NOT always successful at it! But you're right…my day ALWAYS goes better when I start it out that way. Great quote too – very true!

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