Double Feature Friday & Saturday

Friday night my new friend and I made plans to go see Knowing at the movie theater before purchasing a copy of Twilight at midnight. Unfortunately, my friend’s children were not cooperating and her husband was ill so she wasn’t able to come. I had already bought our tickets so I invited my oldest daughter to come with me. She was so excited because she begged me to let her come with me to buy Twilight. She wanted to see Knowing also. I will warn you…it is a little freaky and it will make you think A LOT! It wasn’t what we expected but we still liked it; being the sci-fi buffs we have become. 🙂

The movie was over at 11:45pm so we had 15 minutes to get to the store and buy our copy of Twilight. We ventured to Wal Mart in our little town to be surprised at the line of over 100 people. We did not want to wait, so we jetted over to Blockbuster where only about 30 people waited in line. We made it back home at around 1am, got in our pjs and settled in for our second movie of the nightTwilight of course! My daughter said she wasn’t tired, but by half way through the movie, I looked over and she was fast asleep. Today I found her watching the special features in her room WITHOUT ME! 🙂 We had fun and will remember our special night for years to come!

Movie Lover,
P.S.: I just realized this is my 100th post!


  1. That was a fun post! You looked so cute for our girls’ night out. =) Sorry I bailed!!! I still want to watch “Twilight” with you!

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