Do you still own a VCR?

When was the last time you watched home videos?

I don’t know about you, but I have not watched one of our home videos in a VERY LONG TIME.  I am sure it has been many years.  I am much more of a photo person than a video person.

But today we did.

And when I say home videos, I mean the old VHS tapes.  Yep, pulled them down off the tippy top shelf of the cabinets and dusted them off.  Then after dusting off the VCR and plugging it in, we stepped back in time.

I don’t know why, but when I woke up this morning I had the distinct impression to watch video footage of my first born when she was a baby.  We will be celebrating her sweet 16 very soon.  Maybe I’m feeling nostalgic due to this milestone arriving rapidly.  I’m not sure, but I am glad I was prompted to do so.

I can’t tell you the joy I witnessed and experienced myself while watching the kids view these videos.  We laughed and smiled more than we have in a long time.  We reminisced over the memories and I felt happy.  It brought unity to our family.  It was beautiful.  Simply lovely.

I am committing right now to be more diligent at organizing, labeling and viewing our home videos on a regular basis.

Why not?  Isn’t that why we create them in the first place?  We don’t need to shoot video footage just to share at family reunions or funerals.  Why not watch them now?  I’m not sure my oldest daughter remembers seeing herself as a baby on video until today.  We then watched our son as a baby.  He too, had never seen these videos.  He is 12.

I am reminded of the importance of sharing our photos and videos with our children.  It brings about a sense of LOVE and SELF WORTH to the child. 

It’s a way, as parents, of saying to our children,

“You matter. We care about you.  We love you.”

So how about you?  When was the last time you watched a home video?

Dust those babies off and watch them today.  If not today, schedule a time to do it with your family.  Experience and relive the JOY!

{written on 7/10/2011}
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  1. We’ve watched some home videos with the kids and everytime we do, they love it! Thanks for the post reminding me to schedule a family night and dust off the videos. Hope you had a great date night!!!!
    Love Ange

  2. We LOVE watching old home videos, but they make me cry because it makes me realize how fast my babies grow! Thanks for the bloggy love 🙂

    • Dacia, normally I think it would make me cry as well. This time I was happy and enjoyed watching the reactions on my kid’s faces. You are welcome!! 🙂

  3. Sara Waters says

    I haven’t watched any home videos in a long time, but I love it any time I do. We need to watch some soon! Glad y’all had fun doing that! I know you can’t believe your baby is almost 16! 🙂

  4. We love old vidoes too! Except Emily has volumes, Morgan has a few, and Bennett…well he is in whatever we were taping for his big sisters 🙂 Another tip, we just bought a VHS to DVD converter on clearance at Best Buy. The tapes will deteriorate over time so transferring to another medium is a good investment. Much cheaper to buy the equipment a do it yourself than hiring a professional as well.

    • We have a converter Monica and I have been using it like crazy lately. I know what you mean about the 3rd child not being in as many. 🙂

  5. I know my parents are in the process of trying to convert all our old videos into DVDs so we can save them for the future. It’s so fun to go back and watch them! I’m getting ready to buy a video camera in the next week or two so I can document the end of my pregnancy and then my son growing up. I’m so excited!

    • Congratulations Lisa on your new little one! Tip: make sure you LABEL all your videos on the outside so you know what they are. 🙂 Speaking from the mistake maker, myself.

  6. We love old recordings as well! Aside from Emily has volumes, Morgan has a couple, and Bennett… well he is in whatever we were taping for his older siblings Another tip, we just purchased a VHS to DVD converter on freedom, best case scenario Buy. The tapes will disintegrate after some time so moving to another medium is wise speculation. A lot less expensive to purchase the gear a do it without anyone else’s help than recruiting an expert too.

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