Dealing with the Election Aftermath in Your Family

What now?

For those of us who did vote for Mitt Romney and are struggling over the outcome of this election what do we do now?

First of all, I’m here to say that it is completely okay and healthy to have some grieving time.  Months have been devoted to this election.  It would be difficult to just keep on going without showing emotion and dealing with those emotions.

This election has been a family affair.  We have discussed topics for months now.  My kids stayed up with us last night {well, 1 actually fell asleep} as we watched the results.  My kids witnessed the tears streaming down my face.  That is perfectly okay.  It is within the realm of ‘normal’ to be disappointed {there’s that word again} and we don’t need to hide our emotions from our kids.  If we hide our emotions we are teaching our children to hide theirs.  Don’t we want to know when something is bothering our children?  We should support and comfort one another in our families.

This brings me to what I want us to remember and ponder on.  Our kids are watching us.  They need to know we can make it through this disappointment.  The worst thing we can do as parents is belittle or talk badly about our current president or those who voted for him.  Doing this breeds a future generation of hate.

This goes for those of you who did vote to keep our current president…don’t say things like “In your face sucker, we won!” {hopefully you wouldn’t ;)}  Belittling in any way does not help either side.  Show some consideration for those of us who did not share a victory.  We are sad.

Pointers for Parent’s and Adults

  1. Don’t talk badly of those who wanted to keep our current president
  2. Let your kids talk about how they are feeling.  Tell them it is okay to feel sad.
  3. Don’t hide your own feelings.  If you are angry, go yell into a pillow with the door shut.  Don’t take your anger out on those you love.
  4. Pray as a family for our country’s leaders.
  5. Continue to teach your children about values and the importance of being a shining example to others.

Last but not least, I think Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan with their families deserve a well needed vacation!

Our kids are watching us,


  1. Great post, Shan! My daughter and I watched the returns together and it was very difficult on her when it was called. I had to reassure her that things will work out, even though I was (am) a little worried myself, but you know what? It made me feel better, too, having to come up with reasons why it truly will be okay.

  2. Thank you Shan…I am feeling sad, depressed, let down and isolated. I have been sharing some of this with my children who are also disappointed today. Thank you for the reminder to keep things in perspective. I too am very worried about the direction of this country but do not need to scare my children!

  3. We felt the same—such disappointment when you had a feeling of hope that the candidate was qualified, had vision and the desire to help the country get out of a few messes! I had a hard time going to sleep because I was worrying about the outcome. Kuddos to Bro Romney and his wonderful wife, Ann, along with their boys who stood strong along side him. They were a shining example in ways they may never fully know.

    We told the kids the positive thing is that things will change in 4 years. Just think, T & J will be H.S. seniors! Hopefully the draft isn’t reinstated by then! There’s still a lot to focus on day-to-day. We just have to put trust in Heavenly Father who is mindful of all.

  4. This is so excellent. I’m going to share. I held off telling my teens until they asked & they were so shocked. But I said, God is in control. He is our King.
    This helped me & them. We are disappointed too. But I serve God, not man and while my spirit is grieved, I am not afraid.
    Thanks so much for writing this.

  5. Shan.
    Thank you for writing this I’m so heart broken and sad for our country. I was very involved in the campaign and shocked by the results, on a bright note, he only won by 330,000 votes so a good part of our amazing America feels like our country needs a new path away from our founding principles. I have found a stronger love and bond for GOD through this journey and thanks to you, I will keep faith through my fear that only 4 years we CAN get through this. We will survive. Love you for writing this.

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