Operation Get Fit {& Lose Inches!}



Oh how I love this poster!  I need to have it displayed next to my bed so I see it when I get up in the morning.  This is excellent motivation.

It all started with a well check at the doctors office.

Scratch, let’s back up a little.

It all started with Summer.  Yep, I don’t run in the Summer.  It’s too hot!  And this summer was just plain outrageously HOT!  So much so that taking a dip in our pool was like taking a bath, no thanks!  We had over 2 months with 100 degree temps or higher.  It still somewhat seems like summer in the afternoons here.  We haven’t left the 80’s yet, definitely doesn’t seem like Fall at all!  Thus the inevitable to happen…no exercise, gain inches.  For those of you who say, “why don’t you just run on a treadmill?”  To run on a treadmill is almost as bad as taking my finger nails out.  I can’t stand it…BORING.  Plus, I don’t run the same speed at every second or minute.

Back to the doctors office…blah, blah blah…they made me get on a stinking scale.  Yep, I gained 6 pounds in the last 3 months!  No wonder I can’t fit into any of my clothes!!  Who wants to buy new clothes that are a size up?  NOT ME, but I had to, otherwise I’d be wearing sweats every day.  It’s just not fun buying bigger clothes, I don’t care how cute they are!

Documenting My Run This Morning

This leads me to my new plan: Operation Get Fit!

I started Operation Get Fit today!  This morning was gorgeous and in the 60’s.  Dropped off the cutie at school & headed to the track.  I decided to start slow.  First and foremost, stretching is a must.  Afterward, my plan was to run one mile and walk one mile.  While running my mile, I passed 8 walkers and {told myself} everyone still in bed. {snicker}  Isn’t it amazing how positive thoughts and perspective can change your outlook and keep you motivated!!

BTW, I almost panicked when my ipod shuffle’s {with my running music} battery was dead.  It is almost impossible to run without music for me.  Instead of getting upset and using that as an excuse to not run, I pulled out my iPhone and powered up the Pandora App.  I found a wonderful station under the Workout Genre.  It’s called Alternative Endurance Training.  The songs had good beats for running and if any of the lyrics used bad language, I just pushed the thumbs down button and it started a new song.  Thank goodness for Pandora!  I was so grateful to have it to run to this morning!!! { Apple & Pandora aren’t paying me to say this 😉 }

So who wants to join me?

Every day this week (except Sunday):

Run 1 mile & Walk 1 mile

That’s not too much, huh?  I think it’s doable and it’s my goal for the week.

It always helps to have a friend to run with.  So who is with me?  We can keep tabs on one another and be each others cheer leaders.  Each week I will create a new running schedule.

If you are new to running, please check out the following important posts:

Running Motivation Techniques – Techniques to keep you running.

Out with the Old – All about the importance of proper running shoes which is KEY for injury prevention!

Motivation For Running 3 miles… – How music can help your running.

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Weekend Wrapup

Saturday ended up being this Super Saturday of sorts. Our family participated in it’s first 5K {all of us together.}  It was muggy, overcast & warm.  Despite the weather, we enjoyed our morning of running.

Age Group awards were the highlight:

First Place in her age group

My oldest daughter

Second Place in our perspective age groups

My Son, My youngest daughter and me 😉

DH should have placed Third in his age group, but someone was placed in the wrong age bracket and he didn’t want to make a fuss.  It’s not all about the winning, though. 🙂

I won’t mention how we ended up running 4 miles instead of 3 because the race was not marked properly.

Next was a carnival style birthday party for a friend followed by PROM…the movie, of course.

No rest for the weary, Hubby mowed the yard while I went grocery shopping for Sunday meals.

Grateful for smiles, hugs, high fives, physical fitness, friends, movies, music and priceless memories made together.

This is not an ordinary Saturday.  I probably can only take about one of these every few months.  Passed out in bed about ten till nine…that says it all!

What did you do this weekend?

A Family that plays together stays together,

Running Motivation Techniques

Daughter running her first 5K {on right}

So far it has been a good week because I ran on Monday and today! Yippee! Last week I only ran once. 🙁 Booooo. I hate when I do that because it is so difficult to get back into the groove. I had to walk beginning at a mile and a half {3 miles total.}  Anyway, while running I decided to write about what helps motivate me to keep running. I’m not referring to what motivates me to actually go running. I’m talking about when I am in the middle of a run…hoping it might help someone else.

First of all, If you are a beginner runner or a walker considering to run, please remember to buy running shoes fitted to your feet. {You can read more about this here.} There are other things to consider with running…clothing, food/fuel, stretching, etc. I will have to write about those another day.

Back to motivation…here are my best motivation techniques:

  • walk until the next tree or some sort of land mark
  • walk until the current song is over
  • walk until the part of the song picks up pace
  • keep running until I pass the people ahead of me
  • keep running until the song is over
  • run down hill, walk up hill
  • tell myself, “it’s okay to run slower.”
  • tell myself, “you have run a marathon, you can finish this one mile.”
  • tell myself I will stop and stretch after the mile is over

Love this shot 😀

Most of long distance running is mental.  Like the old saying goes, “Mind over body/matter.”  Whenever I begin to feel like my body is struggling while I run, I tell myself “walk for a bit.”  Honestly, I hate walking.  If I’m going to exercise I want to get it over with and walking is just not fast enough for me.  But when I am working to get back into shape {like I am now}, I have to give myself a break.  This protects me from injury.  Sometimes I feel like I can’t run the rest of my mile, so I will tell myself to walk the rest of the way.  Funny thing is, I don’t end up walking the rest of the mile.  I walk a little and then a favorite upbeat song will come on my ipod and the next thing I know I’m running again.  I have written about music motivating me before.  {You can read more about that here.}

Whenever I run a half marathon {or my one and only marathon} I always walk during the water stops…great strategy to keep going.

Hope these techniques might help keep you going on your next run. 😀
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This is what I have been preparing for this week. Too tired to write much. Lots of photos. If you ran, you might be in this slide show 😉

Run On,

Out with the old…

and in with the NEW! Finally ordered my new running shoes! Too many miles on my old ones. After you run in a pair of running shoes for about 300 miles (which doesn’t take long if you are training for a half-marathon) or so the shoes begin to break down and don’t offer the support you need.

The RIGHT kind of running shoes for your feet are VITAL to injury free running.
They are worth every penny to keep you pain free.

Last (old) Pair: Asics GT-2140

New Pair: Asics GT-2160

If you are considering running/jogging make sure you have good running shoes. Whenever I hear someone tell me they can’t run because it makes their knees or legs hurt, I automatically share the following information with them. Go to a Running Store to be fitted. Foot Locker, Academy or any other shoe store will not do. They are not trained in fitting you for running shoes. In addition, those store’s versions of running shoes are not made as well as the ones you will find at Running Stores. Believe me, I have learned this by experience.

I like Fleet Feet, but you might have a local privately owned running store close to you. You can find one by clicking here for Runner’s World’s store finder by state. A Running Shoe Store will look at your feet. Plus, bring in your old running shoes for them to look at as well. Your old shoes will clue them in on how your feet hit the ground. They will watch how you walk and sometimes video how you run on a treadmill. This is very important to insure your success in running. Go ahead and purchase your shoes at that store.

Then when you are ready for your next pair go to RoadRunnerSports.com or call them at 800-551-5558. They are awesome! Everyone who works there is a runner. Their Customer Service is beyond exemplary and they will help you find the updated version of your previous pair of running shoes. In addition to their good prices, they will let you try your shoes out for up to 90 days. If the shoes are uncomfortable, you are experiencing pain or whatever the reason, you can return them for free and receive a refund, credit or exchange.

Get 15% off your $75 order when you use this friends-only offer at RoadRunnerSports. com

Running…cheaper than therapy,

P.S.: All of the above shoe information applies to walkers as well as runners.

Motivation for running 3 miles…

  • New Music for my ipod!
  • Tired of my clothes fitting too tight!
  • Order new running shoes 🙂

The last time I ran was on my Birthday, September 2nd. Today is December 2nd! Oh my goodness…that was three months ago. I guess injuries can make a runner stop running, but they can’t take the run out of the runner. {I just made that up, so if you think it’s a good quote, please give me credit. 🙂 }

The following are four songs that kept me running for three miles:

  1. Twilight Zone (Rave Version) by 2 Unlimited
  2. The Walk (Infustion Mix) by The Cure
  3. Shake the Disease (Tiga Remix) by Depeche Mode
  4. Days Go By by Dirty Vegas

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Hopefully I will be able to keep my running up again without being ‘paralyzed’ by injuries.

Bring on the soreness,

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