Brandon Heath – Love Never Fails (Live)

Electronic Music

I heard a beautiful song by Owl City on XM Radio’s The Message this morning. It’s a cover song. I will post a link to it on my blog Faith Brings Joy. I decided to look up his (Adam Young) website and found his blog. His last post is a fun song he just whipped up. It’s influence is from all the old video games from the 80’s like Pac-Man. If there is one thing I definitely learned at the Blissdom Blog Conference is that you can not put copyrighted music, pictures, anything copyrighted on your blog. So you will just have to go to his blog to hear it. Sorry!

I think it is amazingly cool that we can read artist’s blogs and find out who they are as a person.

Happy Monday,

Blissfully Blogging with Music

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I’m excitedly preparing for a conference called Blissdom. It’s a blog conference devoted to helping bloggers connect in real life as well as improving their blogs. It’s interesting to hear the comments I receive when I tell friends & family I’m attending. Being a blog reader for several years now, I am used to seeing blog conference badges. I’m realizing how ‘unique’ I am in my little world. This is one of the reasons I’m grateful to attend.

Many of the blogs I read are very helpful in my everyday life. I like ones who help me with organizing, books, decorating, photography, crafts, scrapbooking, running, parenting, etc. Many of these bloggers have similar interests as me. They might share my faith. Many have children and stay home as well. So, I’m looking forward to meeting women I feel like I know already from reading their blogs.

I looked back yesterday and realized I have been blogging since August 2008. Reading over some of those early posts I wrote are very enlightening. Some of them kind of surprise me. Is that really me? I began my blog to be able to keep in touch with my friends and family on a regular basis. A place for me to share my photos and journal about our family life. As with most things, it has evolved and changed over the years. I enjoy having a little place in the cyber world that is just my own. It keeps me grounded and helps me not forget who I am, as most Mom’s can do when their children are young. {incredibly therapeutic too!}

Most of my readers are usually family and friends. I love it when they leave me comments. 🙂 Every once in a while I will have other visitors who find me from a link party or such. I even had a well known author write a comment. What a special surprise! Meeting and making new friends this way has given me a sweet boost. Basically, it’s taking me a while to get to this point, {sorry!} I am hoping to be able to learn more about this at the conference.

After registering I received an extra special bonus when Blissdom announced Michelle Branch & Matt Kearney would be performing for the attendees! Music is HUGE in my life. These adult alternative artists are superbly talented. I have enjoyed listening to their music and decided to share the above playlist. Enjoy!

Music is what feelings sound like,

Interesting Observation

My Son is very observant and intelligent.

After I picked him up from school the other day he began bashing my “new wave” music again. He was saying how all the songs sound alike.

“All the singers sound the same.”

Then as we were conversing I simply said most of the bands from the 80’s I like are from England or Europe. {Surely I already knew this, but hadn’t thought about it in a long time.} He didn’t know that U2 was from Ireland. [BTW, Bono is 50 now!]

It isn’t a coincidence the music I listen to has the same sound, because it is the kind of music I enjoy listening to. {However I enjoy all kinds of music, I just so happen to listen to one kind more than the others} Even though he was “dogging” my tunes, I thoroughly enjoyed talking to him about music. It is one of my passions and I don’t have the opportunity to talk about music as much as I would like. Whenever I get the chance I like to give bits of trivia about groups or songs to my kids. I remember my parents doing the same thing as I was growing up.

I heard The Killers new Christmas single “Boots” yesterday on the radio. I enjoy hearing new original Christmas songs by modern day bands. So I just pulled it up on Rhapsody to listen to again and the beginning of the song is Brandon Flowers (lead singer) saying a prayer. This reminded me, I had heard recently he is a member of my Church. {not my local congregation, our Church is world wide} I pulled up Wikipedia to confirm this information:

“Musically, Flowers is an anglophile and a fan of English bands New Order, The Smiths, Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, and Oasis. He credits the Pet Shop Boys song “Being Boring“, especially the lyrics “I never dreamt that I would get to be / The creature that I always meant to be”, as a major life influence. He has stated that “It was really weird because other kids were buying Tool and Nirvana and I was buying The Cars and The Psychedelic Furs. I was pretty alienated as a kid.” He states that seeing an Oasis concert, particularly their performance on Don’t Look Back in Anger, made him decide to pursue a career in music.”

No wonder I like The Killers and Brandon Flowers (He just released a solo album)!

Flowers is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and his wife converted to the faith shortly before their wedding. He has said that religion is “very important” to him.

I love learning about musicians!

Grateful for ears to hear,

Motivation for running 3 miles…

  • New Music for my ipod!
  • Tired of my clothes fitting too tight!
  • Order new running shoes 🙂

The last time I ran was on my Birthday, September 2nd. Today is December 2nd! Oh my goodness…that was three months ago. I guess injuries can make a runner stop running, but they can’t take the run out of the runner. {I just made that up, so if you think it’s a good quote, please give me credit. 🙂 }

The following are four songs that kept me running for three miles:

  1. Twilight Zone (Rave Version) by 2 Unlimited
  2. The Walk (Infustion Mix) by The Cure
  3. Shake the Disease (Tiga Remix) by Depeche Mode
  4. Days Go By by Dirty Vegas

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Hopefully I will be able to keep my running up again without being ‘paralyzed’ by injuries.

Bring on the soreness,

P.S. : Reminder for facebook readers: this is a blog post from my blog that is automatically entered into my facebook account as a note. Blog Post #248

Everything Counts

I woke up this morning with a Depeche Mode song in my head. Depeche Mode is a music group I adored in the 80’s growing up as a teenager. I still enjoy listening to their songs of my youth. I can’t say I like all of their newer more modern stuff. (Honestly I haven’t listened to all of it.) It shouldn’t surprise me that they are still around making albums and touring.

Anyway, so I pulled up rhapsody this morning and played the song that made me hop out of bed excited for the day. I really like the beat, but the lyrics aren’t necessarily what I would say I “condone.” It’s funny sometimes going back to listening to songs I liked and sang along with. I listen to the lyrics and think, “Oh MY!” Then I feel real OLD and realize why some parents made a big ‘stink’ about listening to certain songs. As a parent now I can totally understand why you might not want your kids listening to a song saying, “lie to me” over and over. Fortunately my parents were supportive (thanks Mom & Dad) of my music choices. Not that they would always enjoy listening to what I listened to; but sometimes they indulged me by listening to what I liked in the car.

Even though I am way more conservative now than I was in my youth, (parenthood and life lessons have impacted this) I still feel as long is there aren’t obscenities blaring and the music doesn’t feel creepy then I will listen to it. Of course it goes without saying, if I like that kind of music. In this case, the Depeche Mode song titled, “Lie to me.” I know who I am and I know what I believe. As long as my thoughts and actions don’t begin to be affected then I think it’s okay to listen to the song. Besides, like I said, I love the beat and the song just makes me want to dance around the house while I listen to it (most of their songs do.) In other words it makes me HAPPY! No harm done. Maybe if I listened to it like a hundred times a day it might begin to have an effect. But like I say to my children, “moderation in all things.”

So I decided to try and find the official music video of this particular song on youtube and there isn’t one. I did find their “channel” on youtube and enjoyed watching a few short interviews about certain favorite songs. (I would have totally loved this sort of thing when I was a teenager!) This little period of time while watching sent me into a sort of
‘time machine.’
I was remembering my carefree days as a fun loving, music addicted teen. In this particular case, a Depeche Mode concert. While on youtube I found Depeche Mode’s official website. I am completely excited to find a link titled Past Tours. This is so cool!!!! You can go and see the exact day of the concert you attended! I know I have my ticket stubs in some box in my attic. One of these days I want to find them and make a scrapbook page with all my concert ticket stubs on it! (of course!) Anyway, until then I have the date and place of one of the concerts I attended website: Thursday, December 10, 1987 Dallas | Reunion Arena. You never think you will forget stuff like this, but you do! (or at least I do…my husband can recall facts from his long term memory like no one else I know! Short term is another thing entirely…lol)

Music does have a significant effect on my mood and listening to Depeche Mode this morning while doing chores has brightened my day. I wouldn’t even be ashamed if someone saw me dancing around the house. I’m feeling super grateful I can work in an environment where I can listen to what I want while working. I’m also thankful my DH approved of our speaker system throughout the house…I LOVE it and use it EVERY DAY.

By the way, you should have heard the way my son pronounced Depeche Mode the first time he read it in the car on our XM Radio display. It was hilarious! They don’t really like listening to them. They say with a straight line on their lips, “You and your weird 80’s music.” And I just smile and say back, “Yep, that’s me!” 😉

“World In My Eyes,”

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