Pinterest Pin Success!

Yesterday I shared what I called “A Pin Gone Wrong.”

Today is a pin gone right. {yes, I am well aware this is not proper English ;)}

Here’s the Follow Me on Pinterest Pin:

The sweet and talented Kira from Her New Leaf wrote a wonderful tutorial on how to “Primp Your Facebook.”  She went one step further and added FREE Custom Facebook Tabs.  Thanks to Kira I have successfully primped Family Brings Joy’s Facebook Page.


What do you think?

Happy to share this pin success with you.

Now, go primp your Facebook Page. 😉

*Photos featured on
Family Brings Joy’s Facebook page
were taken by Blue Lily Photography.

The Simple Things Bring Joy,

First Day of School Scrapbook

Scrapbooks bring joy,

A Mom Makes A Home

I’m continuing my list of one thousand gifts…not of gifts I want, but gifts I have.

I am writing them down, one to one thousand.

22. Grateful my internet was repaired!

23. New music!  Loving the group Tanlines.  Listening to their album Mixed Emotions right now.  I heart their All Of Me song…great beat and makes me feel happy.

24. Time spent with my Mom & oldest Daughter on Saturday.

25. The beautiful handmade quilted bed runner my Mom gave me as an early {3 weeks} Birthday gift.

26. Time doing crafty stuff in my craft room. It’s been neglected lately and craft therapy is wonderful.  The creative side of me was having withdrawals.

27. Kids back in school brings some much needed uninterrupted time for me.  Let’s face it, who likes to listen to their kids quarrel all the time? Not me!

{good thing they’re so cute! ;)}

28. Opportunity to learn & grow spiritually by giving a talk and teaching a lesson at church yesterday.  With that being said, glad it is over…double duty is exhausting. 😉

29. Youngest saw this new art plaque I bought and said out loud, “This is true.”  The little things like this make my heart melt.

Check out that awesome price!

30. When my husband calls me beautiful.

31. Having far away friends come for a weekend visit.

32. Listened to another awesome fantasy book: The Golden Lily by Richelle Mead.  It’s part of the Bloodlines series.  Just finished it & can’t wait for the next one!






Gifts Bring Joy,

Last Day of Anniversary Gifts Made With Love

Here we are…the last day of the Anniversary Gifts Made With Love series.

Please click here if you are just joining us to see what this is all about.

The last 3 our of 8 gifts.

Another framed photo from previously mentioned photo shoot.

The frame matches the dates poster I shared with you on Monday.

Again a family photo printed from our photo shoot.

{Reminder, he hadn’t seen these photos before}

This is another inexpensive Wal Mart frame like the one I shared with you on Wednesday.

Lastly, I gave hubby this tie I forgot to give him at Christmas.

It is a beautiful Norman Rockwell tie I purchased at a very good price at a local discount store named Walls.

Taken by my oldest Daughter

In the evening, we went on a date which included dinner and a movie.

Here we are about to go on our date.

Taken by my youngest Daughter

Taken by my Son

Notice the blue framed photo on our mantel.

So there they are, my 8 gifts for our 18 year anniversary given on the hour from 9:18 AM to 4:18 PM.  Let me tell you, he really enjoyed looking forward to opening each gift and made our day more special.  Hope this idea can inspire you to surprise your spouse with gifts on your anniversary and to do it without spending a lot of money.  Thank you for joining us this week.

Day 2: Couples Poster

Day 3: Framed With Love

Day 4: Music For Your Love

Celebrate your special day,

Framed With Love

Here’s another simple anniversary gift:

Above DH is holding his 3:18 PM gift.

If you are just joining us, click here to find out what this is all about.

If you have been with us since Monday on this series you will notice I have a ‘stock’ of frames.  Every avid photographer {me being an amateur} has a little stash of frames they’re saving for just the right photo {or at least this one does. ;)}  I usually don’t buy frames unless they are discounted, so when I find ones I like at a good price I buy them.  I have a box full of them and was grateful to have them when I decided to do this project.  The above aluminum frame was purchased from Wal-Mart for around $3 {I think at Christmas time.}  I adore word frames, don’t you?  I pulled out our digital photos we just received from our Blue Lily photo shoot {he hadn’t seen them yet} and printed one of us together.  “I’m going to take this to work and display it in my office,” he said.  😀

My handsome man…

Day 2: Couples Poster
Day 4: Music For Your Love
Day 5: Last 3 Gifts

Celebrate your love,

Anniversary Gift: Couples Poster

Welcome back to the Anniversary Gifts Made With Love series.

See yesterday’s post to understand today’s post. 😉

Below is hubby with the 11:18 AM gift celebrating our 18 year anniversary.

Again from a previously pinned pin on Pinterest I was able to use this idea.

I call it the couples poster.

You can buy one of these made at Not On The High for a mere $50 or so.

Instead, I made mine using my scrapbook software on my computer.  I also changed up the couples some.  I decided to add names of couples my husband and I would like. 😉

The 8 1/2 x 11 frame was previously purchased {Dollar Tree.}

Day 3: Framed With Love

Day 4: Music For Your Love

Day 5: Last 3 Gifts

Make your own couples poster,