Making a Lasting Impression

I have been going over different creative possibilities for my business cards.

YES, bloggers need business cards too!

As a matter of fact, I came home with MANY business cards from Blissdom last year.

Since I am going back, I wanted to do something a little different with mine this year.

Last Years Card:

I used Vista Print for these and they were “free.”  I use quotations because I still had to pay shipping which came to about $25.

Last year there were 2 cards that really stood out above the others.  Guess what I did…“Where did you get your cards from?”  This is when I was introduced to MOO Business Cards – $21.99 for 50 unique, customized Business Cards, each one with a different design.

This company’s products are superior to most I’ve seen, but not only that, there are endless possibilities, even beyond business cards.

Okay, before I get caught up in telling you all about, which by the way, has nothing to do with cows, I want to introduce the real ‘meat’ {no pun intended} of this post.  Instead of spending time telling you all about how I ended up with this idea, I’m just going to spill it.  It might be a somewhat boring story to you anyway.  So this is it…

I want to feature photos of your family on the back of my business cards.  Now before you freak out on me & think I’m super weird, not every single card will have your family on it.  Besides, this is completely on a volunteer basis.  You see, Moo has this way cool option called printfinity.

  • With Printfinity you can print up to 50 different designs on the back side of your business card!

Now, if you are anything like me you are thinking, “Yowza {love that word}, those are going to be some expensive business cards!”

  • 50 cards on premium paper cost ONLY $21.99!

That’s a pretty good price if you ask me!  Course I’ve been browsing around and know that business cards can range from “free” to $500.  Thing is, unless you use Moo, you will pay a LOT more to have something on the back of your card and that’s just ONE graphic or photo.

SHOW OFF! Design a portfolio in your pocket!

Anyway, back to YOU!  Do you have a family photo you love?  If you do, please send me a copy (familybringsjoy{at}gmail{dot}com) and I will consider it to add to my business card collection of photos.  IMPORTANT: if you are wanting to send in a photo that a professional has taken, you will need to get their permission first before sending it to me.  So far I have 19 photos {that I personally captured myself} in my business card collection:

  • 9 photos of my friends families
  • 3 photos of objects relating to my posts
  • 7 photos of my own family

Screenshot of backside of business cards so far

You see, this has been the dilemma.  Even though I began this blog journaling about my family, it’s not just about my family anymore.  Family Brings Joy is about helping you in your family as well.  This is why I didn’t want all the photos to be about my family.  I thought it would be really cool to have some of Family Brings Joy’s readers families represented as well.

If for some reason not one of my beloved readers decides to participate {which would be silly} then Moo will print some of the photos I have included in the collection more than once for a pack of 50 cards.  If you do want to participate, I promise your names will not be printed on the card or revealed at any time.  I’m basically using your family as ‘models.’  After the cards are printed I will be happy to send you the one with your family on the back.  All you need to do is include your address in the email with your photo.’s website is very user friendly.  It uploaded my photos quickly and creating the rest of my card was a breeze.  Basically, as usual, it was my creative thinking process that took the longest.  Plus, for the price of my one sided business card from last year I will receive a way cool 2 sided business card sure to make a lasting impression.  Win Win 😀

I’m excited to finish up these business cards with your family represented and see them printed!

Disclaimer: While writing this post I wondered if Moo had an affiliate program.  They do!  So by telling your friends and family about your awesome cards, you can make a small percentage.  Otherwise, I will not receive a penny from Moo for the writing of this post.  However, Family Brings Joy will benefit from leaving a lasting impression with’s cards! 😉

Unique Business Stationary

P.S.: I realize that by sharing this that other people might catch the JOY of this idea.  This means I am risking not having the card that stands out in a crowd if everyone does this.  Please credit this idea to Family Brings Joy if you write about it.  Thank you.  In this case, it might be good to be the small blog on the block 😉

Join me,

Love Is Spoken Here

I’m sharing with you one of my Christmas gifts from my DH today combined with my Valentine’s Day Mantel.

This family photo was my favorite of all the ones taken.  My Christmas gift from the hubster included this beautiful canvas.  I really wish I could hang the canvas up on the stone centered in between the top of the shutters and the mantel.  Problem is, I don’t want to drill 2 holes into the stone for screws in order to hang it up.  I contemplated using the command strips, but I really believe the canvas would be too heavy for those.  This is my compromise even though I really think the shutters are too tall for the photo.  It’s my fault since I made the shutters.  You can see how here.

I was completely and utterly thrilled to find the yarn wrapped ‘love’ idea online  It’s super easy.  All I did was take my 18″ green floral wire and bent it to create the letters.  The ‘L’ took up one wire, ‘ov’ took up another wire, and ‘e’ was about half a wire.  Take your yarn and wrap it around, it’s as simple as that…time consuming, but simple.  TIP:  If I were to go back and make another one, I would wrap the wire FIRST with the yarn and then bend into letters.  I did it the other way around and I think it might be easier to do it the opposite.  I hot glued the yarn wrapped ‘Love’ onto the shutter.  It will be easy to take off  in the future and not leave a mess.

“Is Spoken Here” are chip board letters taken out of my scrapbooking stash.  It’s funny, I’ve been using my scrapbooking supplies for more non-scrapbooking things than actual making scrapbook pages.  I used my trusty re-positionable dot glue to glue them onto the shutters.  This way I know they will come off cleanly when I am ready to take them down.

Thanks to Heidi Swapp & My Craft Channel I learned how to make the cute heart garland out of scrapbook paper, maps and book paper.  If you want to learn how to make them go here.

You see the shelf over the television?  I asked the builder to add that shelf because I like to use all available space if possible.  My intention was to display photos there.  Problem is, whenever I put photos up there, you can barely see them.  It’s kind of hard to explain, but long story short, I have had a heck of a time staging/beautifying {whatever you want to call it} that stinking shelf.  So I have seen other people take books and place them in their shelves backwards and I liked the look.  I thought, “why not try it?”  I went through the house and took all of our hard bound books, took off the covers and shoved them in.  I really like it!  I decided I like the look of the sizes mismatched throughout too.  I think the off white color of the book pages brings continuity from the off white of the shutters.  What do you think?

This is what the other side of my living room looks like now.  Isn’t it lovely? 😉 I have 2 new photos from Christmas I’m adding to this wall so I needed to reconfigure the gallery.  Back to the drawing board.  This means time to take out the Power Puff Girls Christmas wrapping paper I will never use to wrap gifts with again.  I trace the frames onto the wrapping paper {turned it over to the white side, of course} and use the templates to figure out how I want it to look.  This will be a week or so long process for me to get it where it looks right.  I use paint tape to tape the templates to the wall.  It comes off easy and doesn’t hurt the paint for me to rearrange multiple times.  The items on the ground are what will be going up there.  Yesterday I covered up 26 nail holes from the previous wall gallery.  The Nester would be proud of me. 😉  Hubby will be proud to know I filled the holes in good and painted over…good as new!

Before I head out for my 3 mile run today {in the rain} I want to again THANK everyone who has generously taken time to complete my short survey.  It means a LOT to me.  The feedback is highly valuable.  It’s not too late to take the survey.  I will keep it open for about a week before tabulating the results.  It’s completely anonymous and you don’t have to answer every question if you don’t want to.  Whatever you can give is very gracious.

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Is It Good To Assume?

Happy Monday my friends!

I have a few assumptions of what my readers like and don’t like here on Family Brings Joy.  These assumptions are purely based on feedback I have received from Google Analytics and how many comments are made on a post.

  1. You don’t like Giveaways.
  2. You don’t like Link Parties.
  3. You like to read the posts but don’t necessarily like to comment.
  4. You don’t like to read posts about family.

What do you think about these assumptions?

Are they correct?

Here is your chance to let me know.

I VALUE your input.

So I decided to create a very short survey.

I know…your grumbling after you read the nasty word survey.

Thing is, I want YOU to be happy with the content offered here on Family Brings Joy.

So I’m asking you a small favor…

Pretty PLEASE could you take this very short 9 question survey for me?

The survey is completely anonymous based and should only take you between 1-5 minutes to complete.

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world’s leading questionnaire tool.

I very much appreciate you taking the time to complete the survey.

Let me know if you are interested in seeing the results and if enough people are I will post them.
Thank you again,

A Child’s Love

Thursday was a crummy day for me.

My sensitive and sweet 8 year old Daughter brought me this note after overhearing my tirade.

Doesn’t it just make your heart melt?

Usually her notes say “I love you” and end with her name.  It truly touched my soul to see her write “sorry that happened.”

Of course you know I absolutely LOVE the big heart with her writing “happy family” inside it.

Had to share it with you.

I’m off to run my long run…8 miles.

I know!

It is CRAZY!

Price I pay to sign up for a half marathon.  {Hilton Head next month}

Lost about 5 pounds and I haven’t measured in inches.

By the way my clothes are fitting, I’d say I’ve lost some inches as well.

Last but not least, I just want to say Thank You…

For what?

For YOU…you being here…you leaving me comments…


You are special,

Home Goals 2012

Courtesy of Nesting Place

One of the things I love about blogging is how it keeps me motivated and accountable.

The Nester has motivated me to make some goals for our home this year.  Like the saying goes, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

We have lived in our home for about two and a half years.

Remember the post about my kitchen last year?  Here’s my inspiration kitchen again:

Kitchen Inspiration Photo

My Kitchen Inspiration Photo {scanned}

Do you see how the glaze only goes into the crevices of the bead board and trim of the cabinet doors?  I love that look!  Our painter wanted to charge and arm and a leg to do it. {He already over charged us, in my estimation for painting our house}  So I decided I could do it myself.  I found a very good YouTube video {which I will have to locate and share with you in a future post} and with the help of a friend, we did the cabinet doors.  It’s not too difficult, just time consuming.  I began on the bead board, but never did finish. 🙁  Thus, one of my goals is to finish glazing my kitchen.

  1. You can see above, I didn’t even complete this section.  Way to go Shan!  So first thing I will finish glazing this section.
  2. Glaze this bead board.
  3. Glaze the top cabinet bead board and the bottom section bead board.

4. Next up, is to truly ORGANIZE my pantry.  I have attempted to do this, but I usually give up about half way through.  I am ashamed of the current state so much that I could not take a photo to show you.  Instead you can see the door.  I would absolutely LOVE for it to look like this:

Courtesy of The House of Smiths

Remember, I am more of a surface clean person.  This means, open any drawer, cabinet and closet and it is a nightmare!  Which leads to my next goal…

5. Work on internally organizing my house…dread!  This means I will be going through every cabinet, every drawer, every closet and creating order.  Thank goodness for the calendar I have to help with this endeavor.

6. Paint the china cabinet.  I was blessed to have this beautiful china cabinet handed down from my parents.  I absolutely LOVE it, but want to give it a makeover with my handy dandy chalk paint.  I’m thinking of using my Annie Sloan’s Old White color.

7. Repaint my dining room.  I’m not really liking this sage green color I chose for the dining room.

8. Decorating overhaul of the dining room.  I spent a lot of time on an awesome wall gallery which was on both sides of the china cabinet.  Well, on the other side of this wall is the garage.  Every time we would turn on our cars, it made the wall vibrate…so much so that many of the frames fell and the glass broke. 🙁  I have to figure out another way to decorate that wall.  It may be time to change the rug as well.  We’ll see.  The dining room has been the only room in my house I have not been very happy with.  It’s time to change that.  It’s one of the first rooms you see when you come into the house.

I really can’t say enough good things about Nesting Place.  The Nester never ceases to inspire and help me in my home. I am forever appreciative of how she has changed my perspective about my home. It has been so positive and yes, sort of life changing.  Here are some suggestions she shares about goal setting for your home:

Click on photo to see this Nesting Place post

Excellent questions from The Nester

Happy to link up to:

Nester & I at Blissdom 2011

I was so excited to meet The Nester last year at Blissdom blog conference.  She is as genuine and lovely as she is on her blog.  I am forever grateful because otherwise I might have been a little starstruck.  Right after we moved into our home I e-mailed her about my octagonal shaped living room.  I was struggling with how to arrange the furniture, etc.  I know she receives many e-mails a day and she states that she can’t answer them all.  I added a few photos to my e-mail in hopes to hear back from her.  She wrote me back and helped me tremendously.  So when I met her at Blissdom I asked her if she remembered my octagonal living room.  She did and was very gracious.  A little kindness to a stranger goes a long way. 😀

Make your home goals today,

Top 11 of 2011

Our family with my Husband’s Parents & Brother in San Antonio at the River Walk.

{Thank you John for taking this one so I could be in it.}

My two darling daughters on our oldest’s 16th Birthday.

Daughter’s & Friends again on our oldest’s 16th Birthday.

Taken for our Daughter’s 8th Birthday.

I love the rushing water in this photo of our Son enjoying the beach in Puerto Rico.

Here’s the fam {except for me} in Iowa on our summer Family History tour of Forest City Iowa.  Bald Knob State Park

I did this photo to put on the cover of our Daughter’s Baptism Program.

Here she is right after she was baptized. Sigh…what a special moment for our family.

Another special day…taking our Son to the Temple for the first time.  Doesn’t he look handsome in his suit? 🙂

A snowy day.  I love the emotion captured in this photo.

Our little photographic princess.

Holy Cow that was difficult choosing from thousands of photos I took last year!  Time to warm up the printer and print these babies!

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Photography brings JOY,