I Love Birds & Singing

I was so BUSY today that I didn’t have time to check my blog.  I was headed to bed and succumbed to the temptation of taking a quick peek…just to see if I had any visitors and comment love.  And what to my wondering eyes did appear:

“Congratulations, your fabulous craft room made this week’s top hits @ singingwithbirds.com. Thanks for sharing such a fun post with us!”


I am so excited I had to share!  Now off for some beauty sleep.  See you tomorrow for Treasure-Trove Thursday.

Sing on,

Babies Bring Joy

So grateful to have the opportunity to do this little one’s photo shoot. He is a future model. Don’t you think?

*All photographs are copyrighted. Please do not save without permission. Thank you.

Happy Friday,

Buffalo Style PTO Fundraiser

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This is what I have been preparing for this week. Too tired to write much. Lots of photos. If you ran, you might be in this slide show 😉

Run On,

Treasure-Trove Thursday

Me, Sara & her daughter

My treasure today is friends. I have been thinking a lot lately about friendships. A week ago today my closest friend, Sara, {where I live} moved away. {not too far away, about a couple of hours} I have known for several months her moving day would come. I tried not to think about it too much because it would always provoke tears. It still does.

Family is important. However, a life without friends is unbalanced. At least for me, it is. While growing up I recall fond memories spending time with my parents’ friends & their families. My parents taught me the value of friendship. {Thank you Mom & Dad} Thinking back, I believe part of the reason for this was because we didn’t have grandparents, aunts/uncles and cousins that lived in our city or close. So it was helpful to have friends for support and fellowship. We would get together to celebrate holidays, go camping together, worshiped together etc.

Unfortunately, our (me & my husband) extended family members (on both sides) don’t live in the same town either.  Therefore, we rely on support from our friends and church congregation/family.  My favorite part of having friends is just spending time and having fun together.  Too much work, not enough play and adult conversation makes for a dull life.

I completely treasure and cherish every single friend I have made throughout my life.  Some of my most favorite movies and songs are about beautiful connections between friends.  The first couple of movies that come to mind are Beaches and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

Awesome Friend Songs:

  • Friends by Elton John
  • Friends by Michael W. Smith
  • I Will Remember You by Amy Grant
  • With A Little Help From My Friends by The Beatles
  • Never Let Me Down Again by Depeche Mode
  • Each Life That Touches Ours For Good – Hymn
  • That’s What Friends Are For by Gladys Knight & Stevie Wonder Dionne Warwick with Elton John
  • Hello Again by Neil Diamond

Saturday, I invited a Woman and her 3 girls from Church who recently moved here over to our house.  Her girls and my youngest played while she & I sat and talked.  I look forward to getting to know her better. {Hi, Michele}  Monday, I met another woman at the running track.  She is somewhat new to our community and we hit it off right away.  As a matter of fact, she invited me to her book club for tonight. {Hi, Monica}  But as I write these words a particular Girl Scout song comes to mind.

“Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold.”

I know I will see Sara again, this is true.  But it won’t be the same as having her close by.  I remember not long after we met she dropped off a bag with Extra Cheesy Gold Fish and Reese’s Butter Cups for me.  I had mentioned on the phone earlier that I was not having a good day.  Her note said something along the lines of hoping to “brighten my day.”  She most certainly did.  We were such new friends, I think she even asked my husband what my favorite treats were {to know what to buy.}  I remember when she came over to help me pack when we moved {after our house was built.}  She was a wonderful listener {of my rantings and ravings} while we built our home and even helped me glaze my kitchen cabinet doors.  Sara was there to help me with my Son’s birthday party.  I could go on and on, but I won’t.

The other reason this topic has been on my mind is because my oldest daughter has been struggling with a friendship. {Hopefully she won’t kill me when she finds out I wrote about this, please don’t be mad, K}  She has a wonderful best friend.  At the beginning of the school year they befriended a girl who had been ostracized by her former friends for one reason or another.  They became the three musketeers.  {That’s what they called themselves.}  However, just recently, this new friend of theirs was welcomed back into her former friends.  That wouldn’t necessarily be a problem, but now she no longer wants to be friends with my daughter and her best friend.  I don’t really understand everything.  All I know is how sad my daughter has been to lose this friend.  It breaks my heart for her.  When I think back to my High School years…when I think about my good friends I had in High School…I wonder what happened to our friendship?  Why didn’t we stay in touch?  All I remember are the good times we had together.  This tells me that for whatever the reason was, if I don’t remember the reason, then it must have not been very important.

I planned on adding a photo montage of friends I have made throughout my life.  I have been extra busy today and haven’t had time to peruse through my photos before going to the book club.  I still plan on doing this though.  I will add the collage as soon as it is done to this post.  So check back later tonight or tomorrow and see if maybe you are in it. 😉

Thank you to all my friends for loving me just the way I am, weaknesses and all.  Your life has touched mine for good and I treasure you.

Friends are Friends Forever,

The 5th Quarter Winner

Thank you for participating in the giveaway for The 5th Quarter movie tickets.

Congratulations, Monica

I am excited to see The 5th Quarter.  I love inspirational movies about families.

Tragedy and trials are a part of life. It is extremely helpful whenever we can learn how others have persevered through those trials.  It brings hope and sometimes healing.  I am grateful to play a small part in helping promote a movie that facilitates this.

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You Reap What You Sow

Thank You Friends

Family Theme Song

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Sweet Family of Three

Last week I was blessed with the opportunity to photograph a family.  They are dear friends of ours.  I was completely taken back when she asked me.  I am not a professional photographer, nor do I claim to be.  However, anyone who is around me long enough, witnesses my passion for photography.

The day came to photograph them and I was beginning to panic.  I wanted these to be good for them.  They are wanting to adopt another child and were in need of an updated photograph.  I studied up on poses, apertures, shutter speeds and lighting.  We decided on a outdoor setting.  This day happened to be exceptionally windy.  Not only that, there were fires close by that were fogging up the lighting.  No matter the mud on the shoes, or that their Son did not want to be a model, I am happy with the results.  It is a miracle I was able to do them all in manual mode as well.  Let me know what you think?